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Forums - Sony Discussion - Walmart PS5 delivery.

Anyone else preorder their PS5 from Walmart and see it hasn’t shipped yet? Or anywhere else I suppose, for that matter.

I spoke with someone from Walmart customer service today, and they reassured me it should arrive on Thursday, but I’m having doubts Walmart will achieve 1-day shipping to get me my PS5 on time.

If I don’t get it Thursday, I’m gonna be pretty irritated, since I took vacation days Thursday and Friday just for my PS5. >;(

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Not a PS5 but had a Polymega pre-ordered since April and they charged me for it. Supposed to ship tomorrow(as told to me by a Walmart rep this afternoon) then suddenly a couple hours later Walmart says December 31st. Maybe Walmart is just a mess in general with consoles shipping this month.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

Yep, it’s officially delayed. I’m really frustrated. I took off two days of work! I should’ve known Walmart would fail. I’ve had so few positive experiences with them.

I ordered my xbox from walmart and it didnt update until the very last day. But when it was updated, it has already said that it has shipped and was in my state. My ps5 order hasnt updated yet, but it has shipped. I know this because if you sign in on the fedex website, you can find orders that are meant for your name and address without a tracking number. So it hasnt updated, but it has shipped and will probably update soon.

My Walmart order still says preparing

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Walmart is being as useless as Amazon currently:

Walmart customer service doesn't even know the difference between PS and Xbox. 

I wish you luck, hopefully Walmart doesn't screw you as badly as Amazon screwed me. 

I ordered a Wonder Woman statue from Walmart. It arrived late and wasn't even close to the statue I ordered. I don't trust them anymore. Ai least not the sellers that sell stuff on

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