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Forums - Sales Discussion - Out of stock for the Xbox Series X in Europe.

It surprised me a little, our continent is clearly geared towards Nintendo and Sony, seeing the Xbox out of stock made me weird. Maybe it can sell as much as the Xbox 360 which has been a hit in Europe (for an Xbox)

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Still plenty available here in Poland.

Everything is going to sell out on launch week.

To early to tell.

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DIdn't the WiiU sell out on launch day?

Besides that, how many went to scalpers

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Scalpers are everywhere and trying to make a few extra bucks. In Australia a lot of Series X are available through FB Marketplace and other sites.And there are also plenty being traded for a PS5!

Most all consoles sell out on launch, its way to early to tell.

Launch period are like the worst moments to identify one's success. + it's pretty evident the NA market has more stock in bank than Europe so running out of stocks is a given for now.

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Really depends on how much stock is sent there.

A friend from Portugal told me that Series X sold out today, with some Series S still left. Portugal is apparently prime Sony land, so pretty impressive that Xbox managed to sell out on launch day. I've also heard stories of some EU retailers with waiting lists for December restocks already. But it's too soon to tell much, we'll need to see how Xbox does after the Holiday season in Europe, if it can maintain good legs into the weakest sales period of the year.