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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Could Age of Calamity do 10+millions?

There has been a lot of buzz regarding Age of Calamity lately, and as a prequel of BOTW I think it has the potential of reaching very high sales, but as a warriors game it doesn't. So, the question is pretty straight forward. Do you think it can reach 10 million or more? Why or why not?

For me it would be nice to see another game in the Zelda series to reach that milestone. And on another note, is Age of Calamity going to boost or affect the sales of the sequel?

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It is possible because it is a canon prequel to BotW, and BotW2 is right around the corner.

It is unlikely because it is a Warriors game.

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Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

The highest selling Warriors game is Dynasty Warriors 4 at just 2.11 million, and that was back in the PS2 era.

The BOTW connection will give it a sizeable boost, and it will probably set a new series record, but I doubt said boost will constitute a x5 increase over the previous series maximum.

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It's possible, but the game looks pretty bad. Not sure if it will have a good WOM

Probably not. Spin offs generally haven't seen that kind of huge success.

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I was thinking you were Tbone with the crazy predictions.

Based on the first Hyrule Warriors, I think not.

No. It’s a spinoff, those don’t sell as much. It’s also a Warriors game, which isn’t that high selling of a series.

This is a stretch that even tbone wont touch

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It’s a possibility given its connection to Breath of the Wild. But I wouldn’t bet on it.
I certainly think it’ll be the best selling Warriors game ever, but 10 million is a stretch.

IcaroRibeiro said:
It's possible, but the game looks pretty bad. Not sure if it will have a good WOM

It doesn't look remotely close to bad and I don't even like musou games.

On topic, think 10 million is a bit of a stretch, but as a sort of mainline Zelda game, and being the biggest holiday release for the Switch in the covid-fueled 2020, who knows. Personally I'm expecting somewhere closer to 7 million.