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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Goodbye to SEGA arcades

The covid-19 crisis forces Sega to sell its legendary arcades in Japan, thus closing one of its main businesses. Console games are safe

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The company they sold them to wants to preserve the arcades at least, which is good. Still sad to see them sold off.

Fuck 2020.

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That's really sad. I wasn't able to visit them and of course never will at this point.


NO this is not possible sega isn't divisible

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It's sad to see arcades disappearing like this, step by step.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Really sad.
Will always love Sega.

I had a lot of fun there when I was Japan.


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Sad face... Maybe they can get Konami to install some pachinko machines.

Well I can always play them in Kamurocho. Not sure what the future will be like tho.