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Forums - General Discussion - I'm A New Member recently!

I just wanted to say thank you 4 accepting me to this wawesome site,

I've been lingering here for quite a while now maybe 7 years ago and just decided to create an account this year don't really know why haha!

I do have a question though!

What happened to the software sales?!

I liked seeing numbers and the last time we got em was 2018?

Red dead 2 had most sales!

I wanna see data about 2019 and of course beyond sorry haha hopefully we get it back soon ey?

Thanks again for accepting me peace!

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Feels a bit like the site has moved on from sales numbers. Perhaps it was just a shit ton of effort to keep it even remotely accurate.

I see you have also joined in the middle of a new generation of console launches!

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Hello and welcome! The sales data for software disappeared right around when the site's owner abandoned the place and stopped caring, more or less. There's a team of people working on technical issues and such, and they're doing brilliantly, but the main attraction has lost some of its, well, attraction. Discussions still happen and we're still alive though.

You said you've been stalking for 7 years, what stopped you from creating an account earlier?

Welcome to the site haha!


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Welcome! I also visited this site maybe for a year and then created an account ^^

Software sales stopped at the end of 2018 because some sources stopped delivering data and estimates wouln't have beent precise enough on a weekly base (afaik). There are still software shipment updates for titles and series based on official announcements, but rather irregular. On the other hand, hardware sales are being updated more regularly than ever before ^^

Assuming you're not an alt, welcome :)

The explanation for the software sales can be found here -

Welcome to the site.

And basically because so much of the software sales are digital the tracking became impractical.

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Welcome to VGChartz, hope you enjoy your time here!
I also lurked here for a while before making my account.

What kinda games are you into, what platform(s) do you play on?

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Welcome, fellow lurker :)