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Forums - General Discussion - Do you drink, and if so how much?


I am a...

Non-drinker 49 30.82%
Occasional drinker 72 45.28%
Moderate drinker 28 17.61%
Heavy drinker 10 6.29%

To what extent do you partake in the ancient human ritual of consuming alcohol?

Bonus question: For the drinkers, what's your favourite alcoholic beverage?

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Nada. The only time I have drunk something in my life, if miniscule, is when I took Christ's body in my first communion.

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Non drinker, I've only had communion wine.

Yeah, some 5 or so glasses of water on an average day.

Wait, alcohol? No way, it tastes (and smells) horrible. Don't really know what drove people to start drinking it god knows how many centuries ago, but they weren't on their right minds. Then again, I do occasionally drink soda, which I suppose isn't much better, but at least with that there's the excuse that it's legal for kids to drink it. If I was drinking alcohol since before I can remember, I'd probably like it too.

Edit: I suppose I am quite finicky when it comes to liquids in general. I like water and soda, maybe some juice, that's about it. Chocolate, I guess. Dislike coffee, alcohol, despise tea... just about everything else, really.

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Rarely. Like, once every few months. But it's usually a social thing, so I haven't had anything to drink since the pandemic started.

When I drink it's usually lightigh beers, like Blue Moon or if I'm willing to have my masculinity challenged I'll do something like Twisted Tea or Red's Apple Ale.

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Nope. The stuff tastes like poison. Every sense in my body is saying do not put this in your body and mouth. I don't like the idea of not being in control and drinking something that tastes disgusting.

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I also stopped drinking during the pandemic. But when I did it was Bud Light for beer. Jack Daniels single barrel select, straight with 2 cubes of ice, 3 fingers filled and sip for about an hour, then refill. Vodka Martinis, I like the cheap vodka (Smirnoff) it's the only one that doesn't give me a headache, very dirty (2 olives and some of the juice), and dry by adding the vermouth (shaken). I can drink heavily so I don't do it often. 18 20oz. beers in a night easily. The whole fifth of Jack in a night easy. 5-7 Martinis in a night. I also used to do Long Island Iced teas but 5 liquors per glass seems a bit of a waste and they never pour evenly to where the bottles empty at the same time. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

Never drunk before

Only during family gatherings.

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Only in social settings, which 2020 has canceled most of that.