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RFA will sell in its 2nd Year about...

Under 1mil 1 12.50%
Just about 1mil 0 0%
1.1mil-1.2mil 0 0%
1.2mil-1.3mil 1 12.50%
1.3mil-1.4mil 0 0%
1.4mil-1.5mil 0 0%
1.5mil-1.6mil 1 12.50%
1.6mil-1.7mil 1 12.50%
1.7mil-2.0mil 2 25.00%
2mil+ 2 25.00%

So what I meant for RFA>RFA I meant what it sold after being on the market for exactly 1 year (52 Weeks) vs what it will sell during a full 2nd year. This is regarding only Japan though.

Reason for this is cuz there probably hasn’t ever been a game that sold a lot (like more than 1mil) in japan after a full year after release then gets outsold by it the following year. Remember this isn’t calendar year.

Its amazing cuz RFA is one of the only games that has been supply restraint for over a year and counting. I think it has a shot at selling basically 1.7mil hence the thread. Post your thoughts 

W01-13) 547.6k [Weekly 42.1k]
(W14-26) 215.3k [Weekly 16.6k]
(W27-39) 374.2k [Weekly 28.8k]
(W40-52) 531.8k [Weekly 40.9k]

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Info Post

W#: RFA Y1 — RFA Y2

W01: 68.5k — 27.3k
W02: 64.1k
W03: 51.2k
W04: 52.2k
W05: 28.0k
W06: 26.2k
W07: 22.3k
W08: 16.1k
W09: 57.8k
W10: 56.9k
W11: 52.5k
W12: 30.4k
W13: 21.5k

Tot: 547.6k

I could see that. It should have a huge holiday season, far bigger than last year, and its second quarter of the year for the second year should far surpass the first year. I think it'd lose ground the second half of the year but hold on to the lead by a little bit.