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Forums - Sony Discussion - Ghost of Tsushima's FREE Legends Update Puts 'Live Service' Games To Shame

The thread title is from Skill Up's video of the game, which I wanted to talk about a little bit.

He covers pretty much everything I want to say in the video, and I think it's a good watch whether you've already tried it, or are curious about it.
But one thing he said stood out to me in particular.

"The missions in Legends are better than the missions in the main game."

I felt the same way, because of how they designed the stages around unique enemy (and player) abilities that require cooperation.
The enemies on the first level that are tethered to each other with life force and need to be killed simultaneously, or one will keep reviving the other, are a good example of what to expect from subsequent levels. Except that each level has some new unique enemy that you haven't seen before, and they don't really rehash those cool enemies outside of their own stages. So each stage feels really unique and interesting.

As soon as I booted up the mods, I noticed that they put a lot more effort into it than I expected. This feels a lot more carefully thought out and executed than some DLC I would, and have, paid for.

If you have Ghost of Tsushima I'd highly recommend trying this mode. Especially if you have a friend to play with.

Btw, doing assassinations from above with the grappling hook feels really satisfying.

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Great to hear, thanks for the info =) Its free, awesome! Love the Singleplayer and want to play this Co-Op Missions in the next time.

And Ghost of Tsushima with 60 FPS on PS5 =)

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