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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who do you want Microsoft to buy out next?


Who do you want MS to buy out next?

Sega 10 25.64%
Capcom 3 7.69%
Konomi 1 2.56%
Square-Enix 1 2.56%
EA 4 10.26%
Blizzard 2 5.13%
WB 2 5.13%
Level 5 0 0%
Ubisoft 2 5.13%
Other 14 35.90%

I really hope they purchase Sega. Actually purchasing Sega outright might give them just what they need. Sega was at their best one when they focused on one console. When they went multiplatform a lot of their ip's dropped in quality.


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Me for $69 billion


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well seeing as phil was just talking about WoW i hope Blizzard

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Sega for sure. They need some JP devs, and Sega has become one of the most Xbox friendly JP pubs in recent years. Sega would also be much more affordable to purchase than most of the others like Capcom, Square Enix, or Namco Bandai, they could either buy Sega Sammy outright for several billion, or make a deal to split Sega from Sammy to get Sega for a cheaper price, without needing to worry about managing a pachinko business. 

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Captain_Yuri for for $69 billion

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No one. I will end this planet if they buy SEGA or Platinum esp.

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Sony and Nintendo.

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