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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Birthday determines the only game system you can play for the rest of your life

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Mine is on the 28th so Series X

Since I already got on pre-ordered via all access... Yay?


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I got Wii U. Not my first choice, but it could be much worse. Though I’m not a big Nintendo 1st party fan, Wii U has a few exclusives I like such as Fatal Frame and Smash, back compat with Wii which opens up a few other exclusives like The Last Story. Got some good 3rd party ports from 360/PS3 like Deus Ex Human Revolution and Assassins Creed 3. Could be much worse, could have got virtual boy or leapfrog, the 2 worst in the list.

Vita, not the best choice but it does have LoD in a great display, so it's fine.


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Anyone born on the 23 want to trade for my 28?

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Eh, I could live with that. Not my first pick, but definitely not my last. I never had one but apparently it had a pretty decent library of games.


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