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Forums - Gaming Discussion - PS5 FINALLY in the hands of journalists + where is the POWER of the Series X?


Where is the POWER of X?

I dunno? 4 23.53%
Never there. 11 64.71%
I pulled it out of my ass. 2 11.76%

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PS5 FINALLY in the hands of journalists + where is the POWER of the Series X?

This was originally posted in the PlayStation Nation thread.

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Ah this video. So many levels of yikes. The video is yikes, the comments is yikes the whole thing is massive yikes.

That said the comment about Ray tracing was interesting?
The medium is suppose to have ray tracing.
Watch dog legions is suppose to have it.

Halo was delaying it (until Halo its self got delayed).
And DMC 5 does the XSX will "patch in" ray tracing later on.

So I have no clue what is going on with the xbox and ray tracing. Watch dogs and Medium will probably explain that though.

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He makes a valid point. If we have to wait untill 2022 to see the power of the x then I fear it will be to late by then.

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eva01beserk said:
He makes a valid point. If we have to wait untill 2022 to see the power of the x then I fear it will be to late by then.

I dunno. Took us until 2008 with MGS4 to really see the power of PS3. Until then it showed nothing 360 couldn't do.

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Don't worry, if Series S/X bombs,
MS can rush a Xbox 5 replacement which will finally give them numeric parity with Playstation (PS5),
so MS can finally stop the silly naming schemes in attempt to hide their shame at being one number behind. 8-P

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This guy in the video though.

But for real, this dude needs to do more research before he makes a video, this is crapgamer tier fanboying. Says that Xbox hasn't shown ray-tracing yet when we've literally already seen footage of Watch Dogs running on a Series S (not even Series X mind you) with ray traced reflections. We've seen screenshots of ray traced reflections on both Gears 5 and The Medium running on Series X. Then he complains about Halo Infinite not having raytracing at launch, 343 said that before the delay, obviously one of the reasons for the delay was to have ray tracing at launch alongside other graphical improvements.

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Low quality OP, you’re not even gunna tell us what points he made in the video? And you appear to come off extremely butthurt in your disclaimer lol wth.

Anyways, I don’t expect to see a massive difference in games, maybe a select few. No clue about the Raytracing

Yeah, that was pretty cringe after the first minute or so. He did bring up an interesting point about ray tracing on the competing consoles, though. PS5 does seem to be making much better use of it right out of the gate despite being talked about less favorably in terms of cutting edge computing architectures and technologies. Perhaps that's why PS5 is off to a better start; Sony worked with what they had and made some custom alterations where they couldn't wait (like the SSD) while Microsoft took a more off the shelf approach counting on this tech to be ready for them by launch when it isn't. Just an uneducated guess on my part.

This is one baity title. In terms of first party? We gotta wait unfortunately. Rumor is that Starfield is holiday 2021 release. Otherwise it’s power is in almost every multiplat, which should be the best version by some degree.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


This guy's whole narrative seems to be based on some misconception that Xbox doesn't have raytracing day one, and I'm not sure where he got that idea from, only thing I can think of is that he heard Halo Infinite's raytracing was coming in a post release patch and assumed that raytracing support for the entire system was coming in a post-release patch. Here is raytraced reflections on Watch Dogs, Gears 5, and The Medium for reference:

Spider-Man PS5's raytraced reflections by comparison:

As for his other point that Xbox doesn't have any killer graphics exclusives on launch, it's a fair point, but we won't have to wait all that long for some. The Medium releases in December and looks pretty darn good for a 7m euro budget AA game. 2021 should bring the Xbox port of Flight Sim, one of the most gorgeous games I've seen to date. Forza Motorsport reboot is a possibility for 2021 and it looked excellent on it's reveal trailer. Halo Infinite will likely have considerably better graphics when it finally releases in 2021. Starfield may be a 2021 release, and if recent leaks are any indication, Bethesda has improved their Creation engine significantly since Fallout 4, I think it may surprise people graphically. Arkane Austin or Machine Games may have a game ready before the end of 2021, we'll just have to wait and see.

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