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I think the best is...

Bioshock 5 8.33%
Halo 20 33.33%
Doom 9 15.00%
Far Cry 1 1.67%
Half Life 11 18.33%
Call of Duty 2 3.33%
Battlefield 1 1.67%
Wolfenstein 1 1.67%
Metro 0 0%
Other 10 16.67%

Which do you consider the best first person shooter franchise, and what about it makes it worthy of that honour in your opinion?

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Halo is still ahead of the game. I'm excited for Infinite but nothing in the trailer was leaps and bounds. I would love to see a new art direction. Something realistic. As far as what's available, I would like to see more FPS to 3PS animation. Or Something like being able to knock weapons out of players hands. Or hand to hand combat where animations could see both players rolling down a hill while in a scuffle.

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Doom. Followed by Wolfenstein. I feel like Halo has lost about all it's luster and just isn't aging well. Feels stuck in the past mechanically. Wolf and Doom always feel fresh and new while being familiar.

Tho my faves ever are Turok 2 and Bulletstorm. Latter feels kinda like Madworld meets Vanquish meets Contra in FP. Not the best as to me they are just dumb fun. Dumb arcadey fun.

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Timespliters 2 on GC was ahead of its time. Even had a map editor. Had co op main story and bots for deathmatch.  Missions were varied due to different eras.  Then ea took over franchise.

Goldeneye and perfect dark on N64 were awesome but time doesn't age too well.  I could still pick up timespliters 2 and be happy though.

Borderlands I like the story, the characters, the art style, the voice acting, the amount of different weapons, the ability to level up, the side quests, the character types and the entire package.

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Half life

People loves to shit on cod but cod modern warfare 1 and 2 still the best fps i played, multiplayer of cod mw2 was so much fun.


ClassicGamingWizzz said:
Half life

People loves to shit on cod but cod modern warfare 1 and 2 still the best fps i played, multiplayer of cod mw2 was so much fun.

I was going to write something similar. While it's popular to dump on CoD -- and believe me, I've done it too -- it's hard to deny the pedigree of the franchise. There are a few duds, sure, but there's also a lot to like: Call of Duty 1-2, the Modern Warfare trilogy, World at War, and the underrated Infinite Warfare. Also, the fact that the series supports bots is kinda huge for me.

All that said, I'd still give the crown to Halo. While the franchise hasn't been great for a decade, the 2001-2010 years were so damn good they elevate the IP. 

I could see Doom challenging down the line. It has a bunch of great entries already and it looks to actually be getting better

Half -life especially 2 I love my gravity gun followed by bioshock and close by Halo.

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It's still Halo for me. 4 and 5 both left quite a bit to be desired, because neither delivered the full package (4 had shitty MP, 5 had a shitty campaign), but on the whole, no other shooter comes close to the quality Halo has had for the last 2 decades.