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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Stadia Creative Director- Streamers should pay to license games they stream

Current Stadia Creative Director Alex Hutchinson, who was previously the creative director of Journey to the Savage Planet, Far Cry 4, and Assassin's Creed 3, says that streamers should be paying for licenses to stream games, instead of complaining because game publishers won't defend them over game soundtrack based DMCA takedown notices:

He was immediately ratio'd by many popular streamers and youtubers and their fans:

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As if publishers really needed more revenue streams...

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Because Stadia didn’t have enough negative momentum all ready lol.

Just goes to show how little Google knows about the gaming industry. You never openly piss off gamers and especially gaming influencers.

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Among us came out in 2018. It got big in 2020 because a popular streamer found it and played it. It was a dead game brought to life (and insane life right now) because of streamers.

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“The real truth”...
If it’s not real, it can hardly be the truth. But I guess this is the proper way to spell this out in the Trump presidency era.

The last linked tweet must have hurt:

“Kinda weird take for the Creative Director of Google Stadia to say. Minecraft, GTA V, Roblox, Among Us, to name a few: all those games got super big because they embraced creators/streamers, not the opposite.

Maybe this explains a lot about current state of Stadia.

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This explains alot about why Ubisoft has been one of the worst publishers when it comes to not defending streamers and youtubers over soundtrack based takedown notices. I remember many youtubers complaining about having their Far Cry 4 let's play demonetized back in 2014, now we know why, he directed Far Cry 4.

What a dumb motherfucker


I still don't understand how lets plays are a thing.


That's a pretty bad take and shows how clueless he is about streaming and the word-of-mouth effect you can get out of it.

Not that such of license would have a very noticeable effect on Stadia revenue anyway.