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Forums - Sales Discussion - Global Hardware Oct 11 to 17 - Switch Sales Remain Above 400,000 Units

Platform N. America Europe Japan Global
133,653 122,152 94,256 418,749
35,267 72,614 3,604 124,962
19,193 6,933 52 29,295
950 766 809 2,808

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The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console worldwide with 418,749 consoles sold for the week ending October 17, according to VGChartz estimates. 

The PlayStation 4 was the second best-selling console with sales of 124,962 consoles sold. This was followed by the Xbox One with 29,295 units, and the Nintendo 3DS with 2,808 units.

Nintendo Switch sales compared to the same week a year ago are up 126,917 units (43.49%). The PlayStation 4 is down 73,936 units (-37.17%), the Xbox One is down 22,194 units (-43.10%), and the 3DS is down 12,106 units (-81.17%).

Global hardware estimates (Followed by lifetime sales):

  1. Switch - 418,749 (66,456,566)
  2. PlayStation 4 - 124,962 (113,877,762)
  3. Xbox One - 29,295 (48,404,281)
  4. 3DS - 2,808 (75,815,989)
Americas (US, Canada, Latin America) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 144,327
  2. PlayStation 4 - 38,259
  3. Xbox One - 20,743
  4. 3DS - 1,023
Europe hardware estimates:
  1. Nintendo Switch - 122,152
  2. PlayStation 4 - 72,614
  3. Xbox One - 6,933
  4. 3DS - 766
Asia (Japan, mainland Asia, Middle East) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 138,087
  2. PlayStation 4 - 10,694
  3. 3DS - 938
  4. Xbox One - 375
Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 14,183
  2. PlayStation 4 - 3,395
  3. Xbox One - 1,244
  4. 3DS - 81
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This isn't even funny anymore. 2+ million in a month before november ? What's next, 15 million in only 2 months ?

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The Switch is just a MONSTER....geesh. The PS4 still going....wondering where it will stop

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Good question would be:- Are Switch sales going to fall below 400k a week at any point this year? My initial response would be no.



In my opinion the N64 was not just the best console of the 5th gen but, to this day the best console ever created!

Hot damn! Nintendo better be ready for the next few weeks with them shipments.

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Switch is still killing it with 400k+ a week. PS4 looks decent, but that is really only in Europe. Every other region is done with PS4. Just look at these Switch : PS4 ratios.

Americas - 3.8 : 1
Asia - 13 : 1
Oceania - 4.2 : 1

Europe - 1.7 : 1

Last edited by The_Liquid_Laser - on 22 October 2020

Nov and Dec are going to be record-worthy this year.

NSW rolling 52 week total is now 26,867K. Next week it should cross 27,000 or get very close. Once we get Nintendo's data, its possible that it's currently undertracked, but assuming that is not the case, it needs to increase sales by 28% YoY for the next 10 weeks in order to hit the NDS 2008 total (current week is up 44%).

mk7sx said:

Nov and Dec are going to be record-worthy this year.

I hope the switch breaks the record of NDS and then some. Make it so decisive that no questions are asked. Maybe like 32million though I know that's not likely

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

I know I'm a bit of a broken record at this point, but given all the trends, literally the only way Switch doesn't set a new record for most systems sold in a year is if they simply cannot make or ship enough.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.