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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite Microsoft exclusive franchise?


What is your favorite franchise under Microsoft tender loving care?

Halo 16 22.54%
The Elder Scrolls 15 21.13%
Gears of War 10 14.08%
Banjo-Kazooie 4 5.63%
Forza 2 2.82%
Fallout 4 5.63%
Minecraft 3 4.23%
Killer Instinct 2 2.82%
Fable 4 5.63%
Other 11 15.49%

(If not listed above, please list)

With Gamepass  gunning for consoles (Xbox) pc's (windows) and phones/tablets. Chances are Microsoft in the future will not heavily support Nintendo/Sony platforms. Possibly even outright drop support on their consoles/handhelds. You might say, but thats like 200 Million consoles.

However, let's be honest, those 200 million console owners also own a PC and Phone/Tablet. Microsoft does not need Playstation or Nintendo to reach their audiences. 

With that said. Going forward if The above franchises are 100% only on Xbox's, Windows and Phones/Tablets what would be your #1 favorite franchise? Because chances are even if you don't own an xbox you will be able to play those games sometime in the future on your phone/pc. 

So what is your favorite franchise under Microsofts' loving care?


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Mine is The Elder Scrolls followed by Halo and Banjo-Kazooie


Probably elder scrolls. Tried Oblivion back on the 360. Found the game to have a clunky and outdated control scheme. Played for maybe... IDK, 3-5 hours if I had to guess and closed my first oblivion portal... gate...

Haven't touched it since. I'll probably not bother playing Skyrim either ( I mean, if i was going to I would have by now) and wait for the next installment to come out before trying again.

Edit: I just realised it says favourite... IDK why I thought it said least favourite...

I'll leave the post here unedited as a monument to my momentary stupidity.

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I'm pretty sure Minecraft is not exclusive which is sad because it was my choice

I guess Banjo, but that's more to do with the first game which is not exclusive. Other than that, I actually don't think I've played any game from a Microsoft owned franchise for more than 5 hours or so since college when my roommates were really into Halo.

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Forza Horizon 4. One of the best racing games I have played in a while.

I'll count Bethesda game as part of MS after they make one post purchase.


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I don't count the Rare games as exclusive franchises since they do exist on older Nintendo consoles. I also don't count Bethesda since those games are on everything.

I guess by that I must leave out Blue Dragon since the sequels are on DS. I did like Lost Odyssey but not as much. I liked the Project Gotham games and miss those.

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I love Halo and Killer Instinct but I’d rather play the next Elder Scrolls.

I would say Banjo, as the N64 games are amazing, but Nuts and Bolts was garbage so I'll go with Gears. Halo is mostly awesome too.

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Is Otogi counted?

Also, I think believe Obsidian Outer World's might be a better game than Starfield just as their Avowed might be better than any ES game they've made.