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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are lives in games an outdated mechanic?


What do you think?

Yes 22 56.41%
No 17 43.59%

Do you think having a finite number of lives in games is an outdated concept that needs to disappear, or do you think it should stay, and why?

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For the most part, yes. Lives add no value to most games. They exist to make you replay more of the game than you want to and artificially extend game length. I think there could be slight exceptions if the lives mechanic is used cleverly, like a rogue-like game may award you extra "lives" to let you not fall into permadeath when you die, but as a general rule, they suck.

Yes cause most games have a save function. Having a game over screen once you run out of lives just makes the reload last save process take longer.


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It has been outdated since games left the Arcade.

That was just recently the topic of a Game Makers Toolkit video:

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I dont know, what do you think @curl-6 ?

Depends on the type of game. Some games it adds a little extra challenge. For other games it would not make sense.

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Lives are a gameplay mechanic like any other. If it makes your game more interesting, you put them in.

In the old day, lives were equivalent to the coins you put in the machine: stick in enough money and you finish the game. There was a target of how much money a game would take in an hour. These days games are based on "number of hours" you play them before you inevitably win...

Yes, but trust me it's embarrassing when you have 99 lives and attempt Stormy Assault on livestream to a bunch of assholes and they roast you the whole time and after about an hour you lost all 99 lives and weren't able to beat the level :/.

Pls get rid of lives.

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It’s funny cause Crash 4 has a setting that straight up makes lives not a thing, so I guess so.