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Forums - Sony Discussion - Japanese analyst: PS5 could sell 200-300m in 5 to 6 years

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This guy sounds like a colossal PS fanboy honestly, kind of sad that he is somehow employed as a gaming market analyst when he has a prediction that is way worse than any prediction that Pachter has ever made, and we all know how big of a joke Pachter is.

The eSports market has mainly moved to PC now, with the main exception being fighting games, and there certainly isn't enough of a fighting game market to move hundreds of millions of additional consoles. The chances of taking eSports gamers back from PC are slim imo.

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How much those people get paid to embarrass themselves? Gonna submit my CR, I',m sure I can equally made a fool of myself for less money


Think he might be overshooting this one a little

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That's still less than the Xbox 360 1 billion! (Who remembers that btw?)

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

If he actually believed PS5 market would double, then logically the portion of Sony share price derived from PS5 should also double.
So if he's not doing what should be most basic conclusion for business analyst, then you know it's just entertainment for the peasants.
His esports angle is ploy to market higher price/performance to Japanese consumers, for whom price ISN'T justified by local inflation,
it's trying to persuade them that high performance is the new popular thing because e-sports, so therefore they should aspire to it.

EDIT: In other words, if this was remotely serious, it would be cited by real finance types re: Sony stock price. Gaming press only = PR
From what I can tell, Sony stock is DOWN 2% (nothing serious, normal fluctuation) not showing any serious belief in huge PS5 growth.

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IcaroRibeiro said:
How much those people get paid to embarrass themselves? Gonna submit my CR, I',m sure I can equally made a fool of myself for less money

I wanted to post almost the same.

It's just so hard to understand how such people have jobs in this field (where jobs are really high-paid).

I should apply there. I can spew stupid shit all day for whatever they're paying him.

Need something off Play-Asia?

I though PS4 dominated last generation and here is PS5 ready to take over the world. 300M in 6 years is unheard of in the world of video games must be nice for Sony to have a total monopoly since all three consoles right now barely scratch 200 million user if you consider all the multi console ownership.

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Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

Not unless Japanese people buy consoles again.

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