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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - More X|S Backward Compatibility Enhancements Revealed

  • All BC games will get 16x AF applied
  • All BC games that did not have native HDR support get auto HDR, which I posted a thread recently of Jeffrey Grubb breaking it down
  • All BC games take advantage of the SSD and XVA
  • The BC team has found a method to DOUBLE the frame rates of some titles. Not all or even most titles, as many titles would have design/physics issues

Fallout 4 running at 60 FPS even on the Series S. Amazing stuff. I finished the game but when I went to play the season pass content, the load times and sluggish feeling of the game soured me. I did like two quests of the first DLC. I will literally restart the entire game and play it in glorious 60fps. Just add it to the already huge list of large upgrades to last gen titles.

It really seems like the X|S was designed for my backlog. I know people bitch about a supposed weak launch lineup, but I think both the Xbox and PS5 have good lineups compared to past systems, so long as you aren't expecting some Halo CE or BotW type jaw dropping must have megaton title. The third party offerings alone are miles better than what this gen launched with, and both consoles now have complete BC with last gen (and the one before that and the one before that for Xbox, though not complete in those cases), no one should ever suffer from having nothing to play.

I wonder what sort of magic they can pull with other titles. Could KOTOR get a steady frame rate on X|S? It couldn't even on Scorpio.

Double my framerate if old.

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That's not very cinematic of them.

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This doubling frame rate feature is pretty awesome stuff. Many games are already designed to run 60 fps on PC, so I would imagine many games could already support this.

Meanwhile console games being capped at 30 fps on PC was more like 6th and 7th gen problem.

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