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Forums - General Discussion - Doctor Mike is mad at media and twitter response to Trumps infection

This video is a few days old, but I just seen it and I think it is pretty good at explaining a few things and handing out deserved criticism for media, tweets and Trumps team.

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Eh... considering we have three topics where this could potentially go (Trump tests positive for Coronavirus, US Politics, and US Presidential election), not really seeing the point in keeping this open. Any reason?

He had a lot of great points and spoke a lot of truth. I honestly can’t find a problem with a single thing he said. It’s insane that people thought a DO is anything but equal to a MD. So much ignorance. But anything for politics, right? The media is pathetically biased, and I think people are slowly realizing.

Dr Mike realizing MSM is not accurate and doesn't care about journalism at all. Independent media is a mish-mosh of good and bad sources but some of the independent and foreign media is miles better in journalistic integrity and the truth. People like Julian Assange, Michael Brooks(RIP), Prof Richard Wolff and Democracy Now, Sam Sedar, David Doel, David Pakman, etc.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

Since there doesn't seem to be a reason this needs its own topic, and it's not like people are champing at the bit to discuss this particular video anyway, locking.