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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Best console not by Sony/Nintendo


I think the best is...

Atari 2600 1 1.01%
Master System 5 5.05%
Megadrive/Genesis 21 21.21%
Saturn 4 4.04%
Dreamcast 17 17.17%
Xbox 2 2.02%
Xbox 360 46 46.46%
Xbox One 1 1.01%
Turbografx-16 0 0%
Other 2 2.02%

What do you think is the best gaming console not by Sony or Nintendo, and what makes it worthy of that title in your opinion?

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I suppose I'd have to vote for the X360 tho I have a soft spot for the Genesis.
Reason is just because the game library is great. Its the best game library a Microsoft console has had so far.

Genesis,Saturn,Dreamcast and TG16 and then Xbox 360.

Genesis paved the way for Sony.

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FM Towns Marty is pretty good


I chose Genesis.

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Dreamcast easy. Better console than a lot of Nintendo and Sony’s consoles as well. The quality of it’s games weren’t why it failed; SoulCalibur for example is still the best fighting game ever made.

If you’d ignore personal opinions though the Atari 2600 should be mentioned simply due to its monumental importance to the industry.

That would be Saturn because the gem games i loved so much such as Panzer Dragoon Saga, The Legend of Oasis, Shining Force III and many more niche JRPG games, then the Dreamcast, which Sega's last console got the great games like Jet Set/Grind Radio, Spawn, Grandia 2 and Skies of Arcadia.

Ultrashroomz said:
FM Towns Marty is pretty good


Oh please...

I love the Dreamcast but let’s be real the 360 was doing shit that took other consoles years to adapt. A true pioneer for MP gaming on console.

Master System.
Knew Mega Drive would be ahead, it does have better games, but the Master System is a personal favorite of mine.