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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Here's my 5 favorite songs in videogaming. Post yours too.

Sometimes i'm in the mood to just do a normie thread. I was talking about music with some friends yesterday so i want to do this now.

Starting from number 1, my favorite ost in gaming is:

Chrono cross is just a weird and special game. It has a lot of weird concepts that dont always work, but there will be never something that will be like it again. The build up and payoff in this song alone made me want to play it. It was, also, the last game i played before adulthood.


Megaman x kinda went off rails over the years, but in this game they tried to give everything an ending and you can feel in the athmosphere. It's not as good as the game that precedes it, but this is probably the best song you could make to be representative of best friends fighting to the death. Even if its not that serious and their reasons to fight are dumb, but that's besides the point.


This is probably the perfect way to start a game, it somehow fits with the nonsensical dreamy athmosphere of the game, and every time i hear it i remember why i like the series. To me it's not about being epic,or saving the world or killing ganon. Is about being invested in a world that feels like its worth looking into, and meeting people that you care about and want to help. And this game does that while being a parody of how it happens in other games. Its such a special game.


Chrono trigger music being here is the most uncontroversial thing ever, so i dont need to justify it. All i'll say is that mitsuda knows how to create moody background music with an orchestra that doesnt feel generic, which is not an easy thing to do.


This one is just what i think when i hear the word castlevania. Even if dracula x is not that good compared to rondo of blood, i actually prefer how this song plays here, because they did some very nice things with the snes synth. Everyone also praises the bassline, but yeah,its super good.

So you can post yours here too, and you can post more than 5, whatever. I'll post more later too maybe.

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In no particular order whatsoever. 

Loved them the minute I heard them for the first time. 


I used to like Act 2 more, but the "roughness" of Act 1 is funkier



When I hear it, I always feel like I'm going into a great journey


(Same as the N64 version, but this one has more depth)

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 As always with me, I struggle to-do lists. I love so many thousands of songs and OSTs in gaming. However, I do have a single song that is my all-time fave song in gaming.

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Oof, that's a hard one. I don't mind listing full soundtracks as much, but individual songs is intense. There's two I'm sure of, as for the rest, gonna have to think on it a bit.

...Okay, been at it for a while but I think I've decided on a list.

Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild. What a song. Years on from this game, I've mostly grown tired of playing it, every time I boot it up thinking I'm gonna have fun it just ends in me being bored from having seen everything so many times over. But I never get tired of exploring Hyrule Castle. I never thought I wanted a new Hyrule Castle theme, because I loved the old one from A Link to the Past, but this game really proved me wrong on that.

This is definitely my favorite credits theme in any game. The first few seconds never fail to send a chill down my spine and the whole 7-minute piece is breathtaking and wonderful throughout. Also absolutely love The Sunlit Earth, which plays in the post-credits scene shortly after this and ends the game on an incredible high.

Spoilers from Ori and the Will of the Wisps here. I've been listening to this song nonstop for the past couple weeks, it's sooooo good. The most epic rendition of Ori's theme coming in near the end in the craziest escape sequence of the game, it feels so powerful but also so personal, even though the escape itself isn't personal at all. To be completely honest, I could've listed only Will of the Wisps music here and I still wouldn't have covered all of my favorites from the game, so just to post a few more, I also love the Main Theme; Now Use the Light, We Want to See!; A Shine Upon Inkwater Marsh; Dashing and Bashing; and the song that plays at the very end (yeah it's spoilers of course!).

This is one of the two obvious ones I already had in mind from the start. The entirety of Persona 5's soundtrack is amazing, everyone knows that, I don't think I need to post anything else from the game. As great as all of it is, though, Life Will Change is by far my favorite, one of my favorite songs in anything ever. Can't ever get tired of this one.

If Life Will Change is one of my favorite songs in anything ever, The Sun Rises probably is my very favorite song in anything ever. This song makes me feel feelings I didn't even know existed. An absolute masterpiece. Also shout-outs to the beautiful song that plays in the cutscene prior to this, Reset ~ Thank You, though of course beware this is pretty heavy spoiler territory for Okami.

Also wanna give an honorable mention to a few more:
- Vast Poni Canyon, my favorite ever Pokémon song and unexpected highlight in a game I absolutely despise;
Spoilers from Astral Chain, the final level was so amazing and the music played a big role in that;
- The entire DKC: Tropical Freeze soundtrack, this one doesn't have clear standouts as the whole thing is so phenomenal.

And well, that barely begins to cover my favorite videogame tracks, but it is how it is, making a list of just 5 is very hard.

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Sorry but everyone else is wrong - there is only one outstanding song in games.

There are just too many. But I will try, these are in no order

1. FINAL FANTASY - Garland's Shrine

This evokes a time in games from when I was just a boy, being enthralled by a fantasy adventure.

2. Smash/Zelda II - Hyrule Temple

This song is not only great because of the memories playing Smash Melee in my favorite level, the battle against dark link, and the surprise of seeing this theme in Smash, but it also brings me back to one of my favorite 2D sword and magic adventures (The Adventures of Link).

3. FFIV - Into the Darkness

This song represents basically the most beautiful, the most integral and the most romantic Final Fantasy ever made.

4. Diablo / Diablo II - Tristram 

No other song can replicate the feeling of magic and loneliness that this song transported. The fact that it exists is a wonder.

5. Castlevania CotM / LoD - The Sinking Old Sanctuary

This song reminds me of the gothic feel of Castlevania, but also of the sometimes scary atmosphere of Metroidvania games. I like both versions.

Honorable mentions:

6. Zelda WW/BotW - Rito Village / Dragon Roost Isle.

7. FFVIII - Opening Credits.

8. FFX - Silence before the Storm.

9. Mario 64 - Dire Dire Docks.

10. FFIV - Prelude.

11. Super Mario Galaxy - Gusty Garden Galaxy.

12. Okami - Theme of the Celestials.

13. Chrono Chross - Home Arni Village.

14. Chrono Trigger - Schala's theme.

15. Street Fighter IV - Sakura's theme.

16. Warcraft III - Tragic Confrontation.

17. Okami - The Sun Rises. 

18. Chrono Trigger - At the end of Time.

19. Xenoblade Chronicles - Gaur Plains.

20. Final Fantasy X - Song of prayer.

21. Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic ambiance.

22. Final Fantasy XIII - Sunleth Waterscape.

23. Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time.

24. Final Fantasy VIII - Silence and Motion.

25. Donkey Kong Country II - Forest Interlude.

26. Chrono Trigger - Secret of the Forest.

27. Secret of Mana - Into the thick of it.

28. Final Fantasy X - The Sight of Spira. 

29. Chrono Cross - Fields of Time.

30. Final Fantasy IV - Overworld theme.

and so many many more....

I love this thread but it takes forever to load, there's just too many embedded videos. Most of them are lit, though. I won't make it worse, however, so I'll just write the names and let everyone look them up themselves.

Note that these are just my favorite tracks at the moment, not of all time, because it is impossible to rank them and it depends on my mood a lot.

Trials of Mana - Splash Hop

This is pure joy. It has a very strong caribbean feel to it and I love the trumpets so much. The perfect song to get into a good mood.

Astral Chain - Task Force Neuron

This is a hub song and I can just loop this forever. Never gets old.

Fire Emblem Fates - Alight (Storm)

This plays when Ryoma helps you as a guest character and he is a fucking beast. I love the energy in this song so much! One commentor on Youtube perfectly nailed it: 'Ryoma murders everything : The Song'

I could choose so many more songs from Fire Emblem, though...

F-Zero - Big Blue

Out of the entire series this is easily my favorite track. So iconic and catchy!

Daemon X Machina -  Arms of Immortal

This pumps me up so much! Just 100% kick ass action.

There are soooooooooo many more, though.

Gameplay > Graphics

Substance > Style

Art Direction > Realism

Black Mage Village - FF9

You're Not Alone - FF9

Lave - Super Stardust HD

Camille Theme - League of Legends

All Things Must Come - Darkest Dungeon (legit haven't even played this game but my god this music).

Honoury mention to 'Cosmic Hero from Nex Machina'

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