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Forums - General Discussion - Got invited to the give the keynote speech at an autism conference

I got the invite a few days ago; I'm so incredibly flattered and excited, though also a bit nervous.

The purpose of the speech is to give advice for young people on the spectrum and also their families and teachers on how to find success in education and the workplace, and more importantly self-acceptance and happiness in life.

If anyone else here on the spectrum would like to weigh in on issues they think I should raise or mention, I'd love to hear your advice/input. :)

You can register by the 20th to watch the show (for free) here

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No input. Congrats. I'm sure you'll smash it.

Not on the spectrum, but have relatives who are... be yourself, share your own experiences and be positive!
Good luck and congrats!

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That’s awesome, man! Congrats!

Awesome! I'm pretty sure I'm not on the spectrum (although I have my share of eccentricities) so no advice on that. Just wanted to say congratulations! Feel free and encouraged to post the video on the forums afterwards if you feel comfortable doing so.

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That's awesome! You rock!

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Curl man this is setting up so many oneliners, but good for you!

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I've never been tested but some of my best friends are either on the spectrum or have siblings or children on the spectrum. I've also got some issues with sensory overload, which I know can be related to autism but I think it might actually be more of an anxiety issue in my case.

All men are slightly autistic, they have a strong interest in systems and have difficulty empathising.

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