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Forums - General Discussion - How do you bond with big dogs?

How do you guys do it ? It seems different from smaller ones ?TBH.

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I've never had dogs, but out of the dogs I've met in life, I think I hated 100% of the small ones and some 50% of the larger ones. So, I suppose I'd ask the opposite question. If I ever adopted a dog, it'd be a large one.

They need a lot of walking, and a lot of hugs. :)

Same as you would small dogs. Lots of playing, hugging, feeding, and love.
All dogs are the same, no matter the size or bread. If they like you, they LOVE you!
If they don't like you, you're gonna have more scratch marks on you than a Mercedes in the barrio.

It's mainly the same as small dogs.

The problem is two fold. First, if you are intimidated, that's something the dog will pick up on. So, that could be part of why a big dog may respond weirdly to you. Also, respect a dog's body language. Dogs will generally let you know if they're feeling uncomfortable. If a dog's ears are pinned back, if their tail is between their legs or wagging very slowly, or if their eyes narrow, and of course if they growl, they are telling you they're scared or stressed and you need to back off.

Also, big dogs don't know they're big. My mom's little pappillon, when he was younger, would frequently jump at me. My cousin's German Shepard also did that sometimes, but obviously that's kind of a problem.

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dx11332sega said:

How do you guys do it ? It seems different from smaller ones ?TBH.

Big mistake a lot of people make is to ''train'' them like they think the dog should understand all human behaviour.

Put some effort and time in a young dog and you can train him/her without ever having to yell and just by giving the right kind of attention,and give them space when they need it, do not overwhelm them.

Most of all ,treat them like dogs and let them be dogs.

Edit: There are vast amounts of misinformation and even by dogtrainers that have years of experience that think fear is the way to train a dog, so beware.

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Put a chain on a collar

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dx11332sega said:

 It seems different from smaller ones ?

Its not tbh. 

Rather easily with any dog or cat.

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