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Forums - General Discussion - What do you think of France in terms of video games?

Ubisoft ? 

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Aye, Ubisoft.

Also Cyanide though.

Can't say either of them are particularly positive. Nothing too negative about Ubisoft, I'm not really into most of their games, but in terms of industry bullshit they at least don't seem as bad as some of the other major publishers (EA/Activision for example). As for Cyanide I know they do the Tour de France games, which are probably decent if you're into that kind of thing, but I see them negatively since they're the ones that got the Game of Thrones licence and... well... they didn't really do it justice (then again neither did the TV show so they're not the only ones).

Ubisoft was better in the 6th and 7th gen. Published and made some genuinely great games. Now they are just any other AAA scum developer/publisher. Mistreat people. Ruin their own games with MTX bullshit. There is a good game in Odyssey but they fucking ruin it with the insane grind to get anyway. They want people to buy boosters. I like it better when they published Grandia II on Dreamcast or No More Heroes on Wii or made Rayman 2 or Assassin's Creed II. They were good then. Now, not so much.

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Ubisoft is quickly becoming the worst AAA publisher in the industry, easily rivaling the likes of EA and Activision Blizzard at this point. The stories of employee abuse, both physical and mental, microtransactions, constant lying, pathetic responses to the various accusations, and a myriad of other issues have made them lose any respect I ever had for the company.

As far as video game development in France as a whole, it's generally comparable to most other western countries. There are good developers and bad ones, just as there are in any other country.

I love Benoit Sokal, or rather used to, for Siberia. The 3rd one lost the magic though. He's Belgian but works for Microids which is based in Paris.
Remember me was very memorable as well, made by Don't Nod Entertainment.
And ofcourse Quantic Dream, Heavy rain etc.

So it seems France is more into narrative games, or at least those are the more popular ones coming out of France.

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I like Ubisoft. They're the only one of the big publishers that is constantly trying new IPs, new ideas. The others just crank out the same stuff over and over again.

They aren't good at making them, but the gamers there know that the Japanese make the best games.

The biggest French names in publishing history are Ubisoft and Atari (formerly Infogrames), that's a lot of questionable material. But the country has come up with baguettes and croissants, so I forgive France.

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Watch dogs 2 was amazing, they make some decent games


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