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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Those of us from NA; Who has Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles?

Just out of curiosity. I'm ready to leave indie land and this is kinda on my radar. To be honest, online companions will be the deciding factor.

Fun fact: They actually added a Moogle to auto carry the pot for you in single player mode! Nice.

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It's a remaster of the mobile port. They removed a lot of stuff. It's not worth it IMO.

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I have it and found it quite enjoyable. I suggest doing the main game single player with one character though, and playing co op to level the others later, and for the ultra hard dungeons that were added for post game. The multiplayer is not what it used to be. You no longer go on an adventure with a group as a caravan. You now que with friends or randoms for dungeons only, and disband as soon as you finish if you don't want to repeat it. Also progress only saves for the host, so multiplayer is better left for leveling alts.

Single player IMO lets you really get to know the mechanics such as the value of spell fusion, and the difficulty feels just right. Co op too early will lead to steam rolling levels and bosses with little effort.

It was a solid experience for me but due to lack of proper co op outside of dungeons, it lost a fair amount of its charm. If I had to put a number on it, 6.5/10.

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