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My thoughts exactly.

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Personally, I think it's a bad change. Tom Holland only works as a teenage Spider-Man because he looks like a teenager even though he is 24. Peter Parker in the game is supposed to be 23, but now he looks like he is 15. I wish they had kept the old character model, I think it is much better for a 23 yo Peter. 

The original felt like trying to create a unique incarnation of the character specific to the game.

This new version feels like corporate synergy meant to promote Tom Holland.

Tom Holland is fine but a bit overrated and Hollywood is trying to make him a movie star.

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As someone who hasn't played the OG game the change looks better, the new Peter is still distinct from Tom but has a more memorable face than the old. Age wise, he looks his age although that screengra makes him look younger. The old Peter looked like he was approaching 30 tbh

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Looks nothing like tom Holland , original looked weird but i got used to it só this is weird Change to me. Characters in the original always looked só weird except miles , hope they Change mary Jane too.


I wonder why it's a forced change? Why can't we have the option to choose which face we want?

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Okay, regardless of how he looks. Why?

Hmm, pie.

What does it matter? People are so whiny these days

I don't get why they made the change. It was nice having an established Peter Parker instead of a tween but as long as the game itself remains faithful to the original, it's fine.