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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Poll: Which next-gen system are you getting, and what region are you from?


Which system, and what region?

PS5 (Americas) 19 14.39%
XSX/S (Americas) 14 10.61%
Both (Americas) 12 9.09%
PS5 (Europe) 24 18.18%
XSX/S (Europe) 9 6.82%
Both (Europe) 6 4.55%
PS5 (Asia & others) 7 5.30%
XSX/S (Asia & others) 3 2.27%
Both (Asia & others) 1 0.76%
I'm not getting either (all regions) 37 28.03%

Now that we know most of the major details about the PS5 and Series X/S, including price, the kind of games we can expect, etc., I want to know what everyone is planning on getting. But not just that. I want to know what region you're from as well. There are regional variations in buying habits, and I wanted to gauge what the plans are of VGC users in different markets in regards to buying next-gen PS & Xbox systems.

Due to limited options in the poll, I'm breaking it up into three regions:

1) "The Americas": North & South America and the Caribbean.
2) "Europe": All of it. The UK, EU, Russia, and everywhere else in the region.
3) "Asia & others": Japan & the rest of Asia, Australia & the Pacific, and Africa.

There are options for the PS5, Series X/S, and even both for those planning on getting either. Again, due to limited options the "I'm not getting either" option covers all regions (Note: And for clarification, do not pick this option unless you're actually not considering getting either system at any point in the foreseeable future). I'm also unable to have options for specific models, so if you want to tell us which model(s) of whatever system you're getting, be sure to post them.

I hope to get a lot of respondents so I can get a good sample size. Thanks in advance to everyone who participates in the poll.

As for me, I'm from the U.S., and I've already preordered a PS5 from GameStop. I will also get an XSX next year when Halo Infinite is released (hopefully they'll have a limited edition Halo-themed system like they've done for previous Halo games). So, I'm definitely a "Both."

P.S.: Please keep the conversation on what system you're planning on getting and where you're from. I've seen a lot of arguments over these new systems and I'd prefer that none of that happen here.

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I am in Canada so "The Americas" and I am getting the PS5 for now. Depending on availability, I may get the Series X via All Access.


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Decided to get both

Not getting any, at least for a while.

For now. Nothing. 2-3 years probably PS5. Xbox has yet to impress me. None of the studios they bought has games that interest me. If they revived Scalebound then yes I would...if it comes out this time and Kamiya has said he is open to it.

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South America. Not getting either one for now.

If I do get one eventually, I'd probably get the PS5 for the exclusives, though I think that's the only thing it has as a pro over the Xbox. Other than the stupid name.

Will eventually get a ps5, in like 2 years or so.

Not getting either here, but there's a chance I'll pick up a PS5 several years down the line.

For now I'm getting a 3080. Until Sony gets their act together and I can buy a discless PS5.

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I was gonna get Xbox, but then I decided to just get the Razer Blade 15 Advanced and stick with $10 pc Gamepass lol. I'm sure Microsoft made more money off that decision (especially since I also just subscribed for family 365 plan). You're welcome, Bill.