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The best moment to buy a console is

when it is released 3 18.75%
2nd-3rd year 11 68.75%
during it's final years 2 12.50%

So yeah. I got my PS4 back then in Holiday 2014 when I still was at School and got a lot of the good games back then which were mostly third-party games and some first-party stuff like Killzone and InFAMOUS. After graduating from High School in 2015 I went into a full-year trip in 2016 and then began Uni in 2017, so I never touched my PS4 ever again (I think I turned it on maybe once to let a friend play in 2018). Now, with the PS5 on the corner and with nothing else to play on my Switch, I decided this is the perfect time to play all those treasures the PS4 has to offer that I missed this last 4-5 years. Since Uni had me quite busy, I didn't pay a lot of attention to the gaming press so I'm kinda lost on what's new. So... any recommendation guys?

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Persona 5.

You should buy one when there’s a game you actually really want, whenever that may be, because that’s what you buy them for. That’s also why I can’t answer the poll, because depending on whenever a certain game I would want comes, that can be at launch, it’s second year, at the end, or never. On actual recommendations, I’d say MediEvil, but I love the style of game and the original.

God of War, Until Dawn

a lot of 1st party Sony stuff is quite good. Depends what you're into.

The Last of Us part I and II.
God of War
Ghost of Tsushima
Uncharted 1-4
Horizon Zero Dawn
Marvel’s Spider-Man
Nioh 1-2
Final Fantasy VII Remake
And many more

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Check out Mirrors Edge Catalyst for some hardcore parkour!

The best time to get a console is when you need it and have the funds to acquire it.

As for recommendations I'd say Infamous Second Son and DQ 11.

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Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War are the two must plays on PS4 imo. Above everything else. But it depends on your taste.

Persona 5 is amazing if you like JRPG's.

It depends on what genre you like, but since there’s no specification I’ll try to make the recommendations diverse


• Uncharted 4 (action-adventure)

• Tearaway (platformer)

• Dreams (sandbox)


• Bloodborne (souls like)

• Detroit Become Human (telltale game?)

• Shadow of the Colossus Remake (platformer or puzzle-platformer)

Third Party:

• Metal Gear Solid V (action-adventure)

• Hitman (stealth)

• The Witness (puzzle)

Hollow Knight