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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Poll: Game of the Year 2020


GOTY 2k20?

The Last of Us Part II 34 24.82%
Final Fantasy VII Remake 22 16.06%
Ghost of Tsushima 9 6.57%
Animal Crossing: New Horizons 32 23.36%
Doom Eternal 5 3.65%
Half-life: Alyx 6 4.38%
Microsoft Flight Simulator 3 2.19%
Ori and the Will of the Wisps 11 8.03%
Hades 5 3.65%
Other 10 7.30%

This thread can turn pretty messy but I'm doing it nevertheles

Please respect others opinions and keep civic so mods won't lock it

I was planning to create it in 3 months, but I'm bored and a Year-to-date poll may entertain me a bit

What is, in your opinion, the Game of The Year (2020) so far?

Feel free to comment any game that is not on the poll

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Does Super Mario 3D All Stars count? If not, Paper Mario: Origami King slightly edges out TLOU par2.
I must admit Ive only played a handful of 2020 games.

Have yet to try a few big ones like Ghost; Animal Cross; Hades and more.

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brute said:

Does Super Mario 3D All Stars count?

No collections, ports or remasters; Only new games and remakes

I've only played two games released this year, I think. Pretty easy choice between them. But yeah, this happens every year really, I just don't play too much new stuff.

Flight Simulator in here as a choice over Paper Mario is absolutely laughable.

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I really haven't played many new games this year. I think the only new games I purchased were Xenoblade Chronicles HD, Animal Crossing, and FFVII.

FFVII wins kind of by default. Xenoblade is a better game IMO but it was more or less the same experience as the original version. FFVII wasn't as good, but experiencing it for the first time was probably better than experiencing Xenoblade for the second.

As for Animal Crossing, it just didn't hold my attention the way New Leaf did.

So far it's Ghost of Tsushima but honestly, we still have a couple of major games that won't release until November that I am keeping my eye on.

The Last Of Us Part 2. Amazing game.

The poll shows how shit this year is. The best stuff I played this year is either a remake or a port. TLOU2 is just bad. Most of those are not great really. Doom maybe the best one but held back by Bethesda BS battlenet crap.

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Really found it hard to choose out of Tlou2 and FF7R. I went with FF7R though.

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