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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your gaming habits?

How do you usually play? When? Where? Do you play mostly single player or multiplayer? Do you game with family? How much games you play each time?

Talking about myself

- Switch is my only dedicated hardware, I sometimes play on mobile mostly in the bus. Currently my installed games are Monument Valley, Subway Surfers and Candy Crush Soda. I used to play Pokemon Go, but Covid is a bitch. On PC I play almost only simulators in long sessions (6 hours straight or more), my favorites are Civilization, Sim City, Cities Skylines. Used to like The Sims, but didn't engage 4 for long

- On my main platform (Switch) I play both handheld and console mode. I usually play handheld in morning before work, in lunch break or right before bed. I play console mode mostly right after finishing my job or on weekends

- On normal weeks when I have only 40 work hours I spend about 2 hours a day gaming on weekdays and at least 6 hours on Weekends

- In single player I usually play at the same time: A RPG, an action-adventure and an indie (generally platform or metroidvania). Once I finish (or drop) a single player campaign I pick another game from the same genre

- My current playing habits includes Animal Crossing every morning for 20-30 minutes and then again for a bit less than a hour at night except in exceptional occasions when I open my island to visitors, and Splatoon at least thrice a week (mostly at night)

- I don't play hard software recently bought, they are more likely to collect dust for 1 month or 2 before I really get into it

- I only do local multiplayer with my cousins, mostly Rayman Legends and Mario Kart, Switch don't have many co-op options. With friends I only play online-multiplayer (AC, Splatoon and MK8 being the most common  options)

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I play about one hour of gaming a day, between 6 and 7pm, after dinner, almost every day. It's part of my rigid daily routine.

Play mostly Switch, always in docked mode, but also some retro/previous gen consoles.

Pretty much only play single player, though occasionally also local multiplayer. Never online.

I play lots of genres but particularly like FPS, platformers, and action-adventure.

Always play on easy mode, as I get frustrated when games are difficult and I'm not the most dexterous.

Currently playing through Ori and the Blind Forest.

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How? Um, by picking a controller and playing.

When? Every day pretty much, it can range anywhere from 1 to 10 hours depending on how invested I am in a game at a certain time. I guess I have too much time. But generally it's close to the 1-2 hour mark.

Where? In my room, or occasionally a friend's living room.

Been doing mostly single-player these last few years, but I still play Smash competitively so that's a multiplayer aspect that isn't quite going away. But I've been shying away more and more from online play, so it's rare that I do multiplayer when at home.

Don't play with the family, nah. My parents aren't into games at all, and my brother's gaming tastes are very different to mine.

How *many* games each time... Generally just one or two at most, with maybe an extra "time-sinker" kind of game on top of it - that's any kind of game without a campaign, so the sort of stuff you just keep playing on and on. That game is usually Smash, but not always.

Lately all I've been playing is Ori, and beyond that, it's really all I've been thinking about. I'd been waiting for a sale or a GOG release, but to get it on the Switch was a beautiful surprise. Amazing game.

I have plenty of time to play with the current world situation, but still I generally limit myself to 1 hour per weekday, and ~3 on weekends. Some weeks I even play as little as 1 hour for the entire week, if I am into something else at the time. But when I buy a new anticipated game I could play it for 5 hours+ per day. I play by myself on my PC or TV. I sometimes play League of Legends with friends as my multiplayer game. I almost always play single player games now.

I am currently playing Crusader Kings 3, but I also need to get back into Ghost of Tsushima.

Typically 2-5 hours a day, sometimes more on days off. I might have that gaming mental disorder. I will say there’s days when I don’t play a single thing. Lol

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These days I usually only get my gaming in during a binge on a day off. If I'm in the middle of a new game I'm really enjoying it might take up my free time during the week, but usually that's for unwinding with a movie or show. PC and consoles all hooked up in the living room right now. Looking forward to getting some more space next year. Mostly SP story driven stuff, but I do branch out when the mood strikes me.

Really depends. If I got a new game, or picked up an old one again, and get really into it, I may play 4-5 hours a day if I have the time. Other than that, it's probably less than 2.

I just buy games for collecting purposes, they ever leave their box these days lol



Single player pretty much always. I’m a slow gamer, it takes forever for me to finish something. I play only one game per session and usually not for that long. I buy more things than I play. I have always and still do keep everything I ever bought, I’m almost a hoarder, and kept things my mother and aunt bought before me so by now I have a sizable collection of a large variety of games going back as far as the ‘70s. I always buy the Nintendo system of the era, which I will remain doing until Nintendo stops making Zelda games, and usually another if something has something that interests me. The PC has also been a big system for games for me, particularly for city building/simulation games.

My gaming time is inconsistent. This week I played Luigi’s Mansion 3 for three evenings straight, finally I’m almost done, but the last time I played it was May according to the save file. I may have played MediEvil on PS4 once after that, but it’s safe to say I hadn’t played a game in 4 to 5 months. This happens often; every once in a while I feel like playing a game for a week or two straight and than don’t for months because I don’t feel like playing. It does rely om what particular game is new at any given point in time. I also visit a friend at irregular intervals who only plays strategy games on PC. And also not very often anymore. When I’m there, we’ll play a city builder in multiplayer for a full day. Recently all we’ve been playing is Anno 1800.

During my childhood though gaming with family was much more common, Mario Kart was a big staple, and some other games for short periods of time like SoulCalibur on Dreamcast or Warcraft III on PC as well. That time has since been long gone, and beside that one friend that plays strategy games every so often, none of my friends and family ever play any video games anymore. My cousin, who used to be an avid gamer I’ve played through multiple Zelda games, Knights of the Old Republic, Mario Kart and Mario Party with, never plays anything ever again and his last system was a PSP. Only my mother ever touches a game, but sadly now all they are is pay-to-win-or-wait-a-day smartphone games, and funnily Fallout if there’s a new one.

This maybe feels like a sad story, but I’m okay with it. Single-player experiences are better anyway. Especially better than online, which is unfun, even back then I never liked online play (if it was an option, obviously that came later) because other people always ruin the game. But long story short, my habits are short bursts of a single game at irregular intervals.

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