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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Teams Up With Funimation(Sony) For Premium Plus Promotion


Microsoft has been in the news a lot lately thanks in part to pre-orders being made available for its upcoming new generation of consoles in both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, but it seems as if the company is partnering with Funimation to give subscribers of Xbox's Game Pass Ultimate access to the anime company's streaming service! Microsoft fans who currently are a part of the Game Pass Ultimate deal will now get two free months of Funimation's subscriber plan, giving them the ability to watch through thousands of episodes of numerous anime series.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will specifically get two months of Funimation Premium Plus, should they jump on the opportunity before October 25th of next month, allowing fans to watch anime series such as Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, Naruto, One Piece, and almost too many other anime franchises to count. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, for those who might not know, allows players to access hundreds of different video games in Microsoft's stable, as well as several other features that looks to make its subscription cost worth it to gamers.

"Funimation, the leading global anime content provider, today announced a partnership with Xbox that, beginning Friday, September 25, enables Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to redeem two months of Funimation Premium Plus Subscription at no additional charge. Funimation's Premium Plus gives users access to the entire library of content -- the latest simulcast shows, exclusive English dubs of series currently airing in Japan and an almost endless catalog of dubbed or subbed anime episodes and movies -- all in uninterrupted high-quality video. Funimation is currently streaming fan favorites including “My Hero Academia,” “Black Clover,” ”Naruto,” “Plunderer,” “RADIANT” and many more."



Interesting collaboration on this one since Funimation is currently owned by Sony.

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cool im gonna use this but how is funimation the leading global anime content provider and not crunchyroll

Huh, neat

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