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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo discord I tried specific genre recommending

I've been in the games recommendation section and for 2 weeks this is what everybody rather get


action adventure



And these are the ones they ignore

racing simulators

And these these are the ones they really hate

Shmups AKA shoot em ups 

many nintendo discord users say they dont have the money and get games on sale if its a big name franchise like the 20 percent off Hades by supergiant

majority of nintendo fans dont have wages or extra cash like vgchartz users they see nintendo differently .people recommend ori and the will of the wisps, Hades, Hollow knight,smash bros,splatoon 2,mario maker,fire emblem 3 houses , etc nintendo first parties and the very very big 3rd party games like fortnite and minecraft, I did succeed in finding they love A hat in time even with situation gears for breakfast did and love sonic mania . bring up a shmup they ignore you or say who caresand they dont like games that are cash grabs too thats why there normal teens and 20 years olds with somewhat income that rather get the best out of switch try recommending something niche they ignore you. Sega discord also picks up games on sales they say they don't get paid good and rather get Sega merch and autographed sega employee stuff and soundtracks and get modern sega games in discount but will buy old sega consoles like me and old sega games but modern sega it has too in discount sale but they do support sega other stuff like they are in love with sega astro mini and sega game gear mini . back to nintendo discord they 're 3rd party choosing is mostly high rated indie games or eshop games high rated that is not niche or wth is this ignore you if you mention undernight or blazblue those two fighting games are not something they care they told me they trade blazblue tag for killer instinct any day of there life and they like 3d fighting games try.

I game on all consoles and PC

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So in other words Nintendo fans prefer genres Nintendo makes. Shocking...

There excited for doom eternal too and monster hunter rise . but they do talk about gamepass alot I have a feeling they want gamepass on switch to save money.One discord user said he barely has games uses switch as a youtube machine only because his income is terrible and is a teen wishes gamepass to come to switch so he can play that delicous catelog on gamepass

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I game on all consoles and PC

This is extremely relatable

I'm in a Nintendo BR discord, and most of users are exactly like you said. I think my server was formed with the efforts of Nintendo brazillian youtubers, and their crowd is mostly teens and young adults, most of them either have pretty small wages or don't have a paid job at all

Most popular sub-servers are the ones dedicated to multiplayer games, with Animal Crossing, Fornite and Smash being by far the most actives, but Splatoon plays are also moderately active. AAA evergreens such as Mario Kart 8, BOTW and Pokemon are owned by pretty much everyone who buy a Switch. Most popular indies are metroidvanias and platforms Hollow Knight, Ori, Celeste and so on

Playing Animal Crossing I discovered many parents who plays with their children, and also wives who usually dont play games, but enjoy IPs like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Just Dance

Edit: also, teens and kids seems to favour multiplayer, older crowd plays multiplayer too, but they do play mostly single player