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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Drift issue on my Nintendo Switch

Hi all.

I wanted to share with you that my Nintendo Switch is suffering from the famous issue with the left joycon stick.

I called Nintendo last week asking them to fix It, but they say my console is no longer in warranty period and they can't fix It.

I read un an articule that there is a collective demand against Nintendo due to this in the usa, and for this reazon Nintendo is fixing this issue.

Do you guys have also experienced this problem?

What do you recommend me?

A New joycon is 80€. 

I am really upset with Nintendo for this and I am fan since I was a kid

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Call again, had the same issue got fixed OOW but thats in Europe

Edit: actually within warranty after looking up correspondence

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Joy-Cons get free repairs, doesn't matter if the console is out of warranty. Or do you have a Switch Lite?

Yeah, everyone has this. Nintendo knows about it but they haven't started producing better hardware because they don't give a crap.

What you should do, is get WD-40 or some other electronic spray thingy like that, and spray it under your analog stick, beneath the plastic covering. Lift up the plastic with something, spray it in, and spin the stick around a good bit. It's not a definitive solution, but it works for a while, then you have to do it again... and again.

Edit: I mean, rubber covering. You lift up the rubber. Everything on the controller is plastic except that. I'm stupid.

Yes, I Live in Europe too, but they refuse to fix It for free.

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Ah, I don't know in Europe. In North America, agents are told that Joy-Con units get free repairs. I know because, well, it's been known for a while and I also worked at a Nintendo call center for a while and they told me the same thing.

It is not Switch Lite, It is the standard model.

In my country Nintendo does not care about customers.

DavidValbu said:
In my country Nintendo does not care about customers.

I live in Brazil.

There are some pretty good 3rd party alts out there. If you don't care about rumble or Joycons being independent. Split Pad Pro is excellent. There is no perm fix to the joycon issue as all analog sticks are off the shelf Chinese parts that have a design flaw.

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