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Forums - Sales Discussion - How many units will the PS5 sell in 2020?


How many will PS5 sell in 2020

1-3 million 6 14.29%
3-4 million 4 9.52%
4-5 million 8 19.05%
5-6 million 14 33.33%
Over 6 million 10 23.81%

So as we all surely remember the PS4 sold 4.2 million units from launch until 31st December 2013. I'll link it here for source.

Okay so at this point it seems likely that the PS5 could do more but time will tell when it comes to how much they can stock. So what's the predictions guys?

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9 millions

Edit:  if they really produce 14 millions till end of March and they started in August, it give a little less than 2 millions per months of production.

I will make a youtube video soon where i talk about my PS5 prediction for the FY, so i won't make spoiler :)
(it's different than my current bio, that was made at the start of 2020)

A better question would be how much stock will sony have for the PS5 in 2020.

If 10M units is available to retailers, they will sell 10M units.

But for 2020, I'll say 6M.

Can't see them stocking more than that. And that around 50% more stock than they managed with the PS4. And remember the PS4 didn't even release in parts of asia till like February 2014. PS5 however is launching everywhere in a 1 week period.

Having Japan included in the initial release this time pretty much guarantees that it'll outdo the PS4 in 2013. I'd expect it to be around 5 mil.

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4 million and...

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The PS5 will sell out, however many they can deliver is how many will be sold!


6 million is my guess, not sure if they can produce more in less than 2 months.

6.01 million would be my guess.

Worldwide launch compared to ps4, so im gonna guess 5.5 million