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I think the best is...

Switch 52 46.02%
PS4 49 43.36%
Xbox One 12 10.62%

We've done the best debut, second and third consoles, but I figure its only fair to give Xbox Series a couple of years before we do "best fourth", so in the mean time, of the three current systems, which do you think is best, and why?

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

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Personally I'd go for the switch, followed closely by ps4. The switch is number 1 for me because it's my go to system for indie games and anything that plays runs decently on it. Nintendo's output has been stellar, it's also just so convenient to play. I can turn it on and start playing a game within seconds. The portability is also a huge factor.
Ps4 has a fantastic selection of games, I mostly use it for 1st party titles and the few AAA games that aren't awful.

Switch then very close after that PS4. These 2 have become some of my fave systems ever.

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Switch. I have had a very fun time with this system. It’s the only console I’ve owned this gen, apart from the 3DS. I think it’s my favorite system ever.

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Personally I'd go for the Ps4, followed not so closely by the Switch. The Ps4 is number 1 for me because it's my go to system for most games, its library its just so appealing and varied that I always have something to play. Nintendo's output has been deficient for me at least, at times I feel theres nothing to play on the Switch. However the games I've enjoyed, i've enjoyed a lot. 

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I like Nintendo games best, so Switch.

For me, PS4 because I've enjoyed lots of games on it (admittedly less than gen 7) and has some of my favorite games of this generation. I really like the Switch though, really awesome games for its relatively short time its been out. I've skipped Xbox this generation so unfortunately can't say on this one.

Wii U.

My bet with The_Liquid_Laser: I think the Switch won't surpass the PS2 as the best selling system of all time. If it does, I'll play a game of a list that The_Liquid_Laser will provide, I will have to play it for 50 hours or complete it, whatever comes first. 

I got a Switch in July 2017. I got a PS4 (the pro version) in July 2019.
First-party is better on Switch. Very few could come up with a compelling argument otherwise. But third-party titles are better on PS4. Not only do you have a lot more AAA games, but you have plenty of smaller scale games and indies as well. I know Switch has a ton of small-scale games and indies, but the PS4 still has a good amount.
I mostly play games offline, but PS Plus is far superior to Nintendo Switch Online. Not to mention the option of PS Now. I've never tried PS Now, but it's a valid option for PS2, PS3, and PS4 games.
And of course PS4 can do a lot more besides gaming. DVD and Blu-ray movies, far more video apps, and even a simple internet browser.
PS4 and PS4 Pro are much better in specs and as a multimedia device. Though admittedly PS3 was a superior multimedia device. And portability for the Switch is a great option, though one I don't often use.
I will admit PS4 has the benefit of almost 7 years on the market. Switch has only been out for about 3.5 years. Maybe my opinion will change, but PS4 is the superior platform to me at the moment.
TL;DR PlayStation 4 is the best.

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