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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Question about Xbox Cloud Gaming on PC (and my impressisons on Stadia)

So I signed up for Stadia for one month to test the connection. Since I'm a huge Destiny fan (all the way since D1 Y1 in 2014) and Destiny 2 is free to play I thought it worth the money to test the technology.

Well I'm actually very impressed. To play PVE activities it was really good, almost no loading times, running in 60fps, really nice. PVP is definitely playable but it could feel the lagging in the responsiveness from the controller to screen. Nothing major, but enough to make a PVP not very good.

But my verdict is that the technology is there for PVE games if you have a good connection.

So now I want to try Xbox Cloud Gaming, there are some amazing PVE games over there and also because I never played a Halo game before (sony boy here) and being a Destiny fan I believe I NEED to do it. I know that at least Martin music will be enough even if I dont like the games.

Question: Does it work on PC? Reading the website I could see only references to Android devices, nowhere it said it was possible to do ti on PC using some king of xbox windows 10 app. Also do you know if it is possible to use a PS4 controller with it?

Many thanks!

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They are working on the Windows 10 app.

LudicrousSpeed said:
They are working on the Windows 10 app.

How did you get it to work on pc? is there an specific app besides the xbox app?

I have just signed up for ultimate and all I can see is a "install" option for all games.

Got in contact with microsoft and one of the "experts" said it is only for Android.

It's not ready for PC yet. But, if you have a GP Ultimate subscription, you can at the MCC games (I think only one or two of them are ready now, but others are coming) on PC by installing them locally.