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Forums - Sales Discussion - Your Xbox Series SX & PS5 lifetime sales predictions

Now that we know most of the major details for both consoles such as price,specs, and games. What are your lifetime sales predictions for both consoles?

IMO Xbox & Playstation consoles are far easier to predict than Nintendo consoles cause for the most part you know what to expect going into next-gen and they're mostly the same from the previous generation, making it easier to forecast their future based on past results. With Nintendo consoles they could completely change their selling point and they're usually a hit or a very bad miss if the main gimmick doesn't appeal to people.

I expect the PS5 to sell a good 122M units, I expect it to be lower than the PS4 because the Xbox SSX may take away some market share in North America now that Microsoft is launching their system with both a power and price advantage unlike last gen where PS4 had the power and price advantage, which could be huge in taking some market share from the PS5 in North America and Xbox may have a chance to win in NA because of that. However, I don't think Playstation losing NA market share will be enough to make it any less of a success. Sony is going to dominate in Europe which Sony made a huge market over there and I expect the PS5 to gain more popularity in other regions than the PS4 due to the rise of social media word of mouth and Sony will probably continue to market the PS5 in regions where they aren't as strong. Also PS still got true exclusives and unlike Microsoft, giving people more of a reason to purchase a PS5. While I think PS5 may lose market share in NA and Japan this gen, I don't think it'll be enough to slow down PS's growth much globally, which is why I believe the PS5 will be another hit for Sony.

I expect the Xbox Series SX to sell slightly better than last gen at around 65M units, I expect Microsoft to gain some traction in North America this gen and may actually be able to win in that region. However, I don't expect Microsoft to do that much better this gen because they simply don't put forth as much marketing or effort towards regions outside the U.S, which will make it difficult for the Xbox SSX to sell astronomical numbers like the PS5 would. Plus Microsoft isn't even putting much better to outsell Sony, they're not really going to have exclusives anymore and I doubt Microsoft is going to market the Xbox SSX as much as Sony. So this is what I expect for Xbox SSX.

What are your guys' predictions?

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PS5- 105m
Xbox Series- 65m

PS5 - 85m
Xbox - 45m

reason lower number than previous will be generation will be shorter.

PS5-92 million

Xbox-68 million.

Dreamcast-9 billion

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Jumpinbeans said:
PS5 - 85m
Xbox - 45m

reason lower number than previous will be generation will be shorter.

You are right they did say they expect a 5 year console life cycle this time.

If it is 5 years I expect a

100m ps5 

32m xbox series

If 7 years just like this one

130m ps5

40m xbox series

I expect MS to loose more marketshare this gen. I honestly belive more fans are just sick of waiting for MS to bring the games. 

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PS5: 130 million
Xbox: 40 million

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PS5: 5 billion
Xbox SX: 4.5 Billion

Other: Nintendo Switch: 3•10^69

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SKMBlake said:

PS5: 130 million
Xbox: 40 million

Hoo mama. That's some bone broth you're serving up for Xbox. :)

Regarding the OP, we've already done this, but whatever, it's the nature of the forums. And new info has come to light. My prediction in the last thread was:

I'll stick with that.

-I didn't even see the other low predictions for XBSX. Wow you guys.

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PS5 = 105
Xbox Series = 88 avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

PS5: 120 million
XseX/S: 70 million