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Forums - Sony Discussion - Godfall looks incredible!

Was honestly a bit concerned after seeing the initial demo but the atmosphere and environments in this updated combat trailer really show off next-gen capabilities.

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It's so colourful, gonna' look amazing with HDR turned on!

Looks like it might be a day one purchase for me as they announced that it will launch November 12.

" Rebellion Against Tyrants Is Obedience To God"

Combat looks bad. The art is nice. Looks like a very generic game in general and seems like something be forgotten within a year of launch.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I think the initial trailer at the PS5 reveal was kinda weak, this on the other hand makes it pop a bit more. I'm still unsure mind you but as a 'looter' game, I always will be. They need to have huge replayability and feel rewarding without being tight on drops. I think it would be a great MP with some mates for about £25.

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Metallic/Chrome armors makes everything look better cuz if we don't look at the designs here, the rest seems pretty run of the mill when it comes to looter games ...

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First trailer I wasn`t interested at all. But the latest one got me into it.

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I like the colors but it seems too...dark maybe? We'll see...I pre ordered my PS5 but for now I'll be playing Cyberpunk / Demons Souls / Astrobot on day one

I like how it looks, I like the colors. I am not hooked with the gameplay but it's not like it looks bad either. I don't see any personality to the character or the world.

This game is supposed to be an RPG but nothing I've seen shows me a "world with lore and interesting people to visit". Maybe there is a trailer around that depicts more of that stuff that could sell this game better but I haven't seen it (I've seen 2 trailers so far).

Maybe they should do a trailer with dev commentary about the RPG elements or something.

This game comes to PC as far as I know so I may check it out eventually.

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First time I've really paid attention to it. Looks quite good. I see some God Of War in the combat. -1 for Randy Pitchford .

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