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Do you like Fortnite?

Yes 3 18.75%
No 13 81.25%

I wanna know.

I'm not gonna lie I played a ton of Fortnite back when it was ultra-popular back in 2018 when it just released for the Switch and I still do find it an enjoyable game. However, I can't get myself to play it anymore cause I cringe at myself whenever I play it knowing how many cringy cancerous kids overrate tf outta that game. I stopped playing around 2019. I was forced to delete that game cause whenever one of a kid comes anywhere near my Switch and sees Fortnite, they go crazy over it and would beg to play nonstop. 

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Here ya go, Mario.

Save the World, or the popular one?

Save the World was fun. The other one is not.

Yes. I dont play it as much as I use it but its still a fun game.

Never played it, so no. Not really interested in MP only games either so probably never will.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

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I like it well enough. But I think the streamers shot themselves in the foot by complaining every time Epic tried to lower the skill ceiling to the point where it was trending on Twitter. The build mechanics are just a blessing and a curse for the game. It makes for unique gameplay, but man, when you go up against someone who can clearly build better than you.

Yeah, that's not fun.

Long answer: I'd rather play Batman Dark Tomorrow over this game.

Short answer: No.

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Not in the slightest.

Never played it, but I enjoyed watching the world finals multi million $ tournament they held in 2019. My pfp is from Realm Royale which had some similarities (semi-dead game atm).