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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Vindication for Microsoft?

Anyone else catch the Sony event today? It was a solid showing, probably even a great showing if you are into Japanese stuff. I am not, so stuff liked timed exclusive Final Fantasy, a Demon's Soul remake, a DMC5 next gen port, etc, mean jack shit to me. But it's what came towards the end of the showing and afterwards that had me scratching my head.

PS Plus Collection - seems like a smaller version of GamePass, with no emphasis on newer titles.
Numerous games also coming to PC.
Numerous games timed exclusive.

The biggest kicker of all, I have to think this is some sort of translation mistake or marketing misspeak like we constantly saw during the Xbone lead up, but numerous cross generation titles? So Spider-Man, HFW, and Demon's Soul will all come to PS4, among other games. This has been a gigantic thorn in Microsoft's side ever since they announced an intention to support Xbone owners. I remember "we believe in generations" from Sony. Well, I guess maybe not.

Do this make you feel any better about the path Microsoft is taking? It seems to me that the PS5 will actually not be much different from the XSX/S at all in terms of first party stuff this gen. Sony is going to release stuff cross gen for awhile, on PC, and on console. The main difference will be day one first party titles into GamePass versus waiting until whenever for the PS Plus Collection.

But I feel MS saw some major vindication today. I can't wait to listen to some podcasts and see what some people have to say after months of pooping on Microsoft's approach. This isn't meant to shit on Sony, I have been a fan of the value MS is providing, and while I don't think the PS Plus stuff comes remotely close to GamePass, it's a very good start for Sony.

Also do we expect MS to follow other publishers and start charging $70 for their games? Makes GamePass even more of a value.

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What MS is doing is a right choice even if Sony hadnt announced PsPlus Collection. I do not think they needed any form of vindication whatsoever regarding their business model.

You’d think today’s events would calm down Fanboys and they’ll realize they look hella silly riding for a corporation that hard. But they don’t see hypocrisy and they’ll find something new to latch onto.

Game Pass was always gonna be the greatest value any console manufacture implemented. I don't see Nintendo or PlayStation (for the time being) doing things exactly like Xbox is doing with that. I will say that the conference was a good one. A lot of the games shown were good. A lot of them we knew was coming to the system anyway.

However, I have to agree about the double standard that was placed on Xbox with how they are releasing their games. Especially the cross gen. I was disappointed to see Sackboy, Spidey, and definitely Horizon get a PS4 treatment. I thought for sure it was just gonna be PS5 exclusive. I guess not. I can't blame the developers for wanting to keep those lines of communication open for late adopters for the PS5. Still, we got to be fair across the board. If Xbox got scrutinzed for "practices" like this, then PlayStation deserves it as well.

Anyway, I don't think the FF game is timed. That game is console exclusive. It's only sharing with the PC.

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Game Pass is a great service, so I'd hope Sony would take note. I also see next-gen game development getting costlier and costlier without much to show for it, so I'm fine with publishers sticking with the current gen for a while.

In general -- and I think this speaks to the subtext of the thread -- I just want fans to be consistent. If you think A is good and B is bad, then that should apply to both your favorite company and your least favorite company.

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Yeah, it is vindication for sure. Sony is basically copying Gamepass with PS+ Collection. They dropped their next-gen exclusives only plan really fast after Microsoft announced they are aiming for cross-gen on all 2021 exclusives.

Gamepass is gonna be the real shit next gen as the retail prices seem to be going up.

Xbox all access is also gonna be hot damn


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Not quite.

Ratchet, GT7 & God of War are true PS5 exclusives, at least for now, and they're all expected to launch sometime in 2021. No one should be defending Sony about their cross gen approach especially with all the fuss they made about generations. It doesn't make MS approach any better.

Edit: Add Demon's Souls as another true PS5 exclusive coming at launch. 

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The 2 services are not the same thing, not even close. One is making their library a sub service, the other is adding value to the brand.

Yup there is going to be a bunch of backtracking going on.  

The $399 is a great price but PSPlus Collection does nothing compared to the value that Xbox Gamepass ultimate offers. Currently seem like Sony is well position to remaster and sell a bunch of PS4 games to PS5 owners. You already have Spider-man remastered coming to PS5. You should also expect a remastered version of Last of us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima that make good use of the new hardware and PS5 controller. Rather than having enhanced game like Gears 5, Ori and the will of the wisps and Forza Horizon 4 approach Microsoft is taking at no extra costs.

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