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Forums - Politics Discussion - Peter Coffin talks about Cancel Culture

Peter Coffin (who generally speaking has pretty good takes on our society) has made a video about Cancel Culture. It is a pretty good and deep take on the topic, it touches definition, history, background, reasons and results. I highly recommend a watch:

He in turn recommends Contrapoints video, which I am not so much recommend, because I think it is less focused and basically way to long (over an hour), but for completeness sake I'll also include a link:

But the essential important points of Contrapoint are the tropes, which I list for you, so you don't have to watch her video completely (although her sprinkled in definition of terms for boomers is quite funny). So, here are the cancel culture tropes according to Contrapoints:

  • Presumption of guilt: You just assume the accusation is true (so 'X accuses Y of bad thing' turns into 'Y did bad thing')
  • Abstraction: You generalize the action the person is accused of into a more generalized statement, losing all the details and context of the situation in the process
  • Essentialism: You turn the concrete action the person is accused of into personal traits of said person ('X made a racist joke' turns into 'X is a racist')
  • Pseudo-moralism/Pseudo-intellectualism: You pretend that your outrage is intended to better society instead of just bring down a person
  • No Forgiveness: Well, if you believe that phony apology, you're a sucker!
  • Guilt by Association: What, you wanna hear the full story before you codemn this person? You are even worse!

Please watch Coffins video, I know difficult and long watch, but well worth it. But then I am interested in your take on his points.

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Haven't watched the Coffin video yet, but I have watched the one by ContraPoints. Though long, it is brilliant (like most of her work) and well worthwhile -- especially as she has been the subject of "cancellation" attempts several times, herself. I recommend people to watch it.