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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Rumor: Super Mario RPG 2



I'm crying like Matthew McConaughey 5 13.89%
I'm excited 4 11.11%
I'm skeptical 9 25.00%
This is doubtful 12 33.33%
False, it's false I say! 5 13.89%
Where's my life alert? 1 2.78%

"Over on Twitter, user Sharito742 claims they've been tipped off that Square Enix and Nintendo are working on a Super Mario RPG sequel for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. Further, the leaker claims that the original game, Super Mario RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch Online, and when it does, the sequel will be announced."

No idea if this is a reliable source, but let's discuss nonetheless!

What do you think?

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My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

I wish :(

I was always hoping AlphaDream would get to it. The Mario and Luigi games always seemed like the true successors to Super Mario RPG.

Such a shame they went bankrupt. Ugh.

Does this leaker have any kind of credibility? If not, I call bullshit. Sounds too much like a wet dream from someone who's disgruntled about the direction Paper Mario is headed.

I want this to be true, but I cannot see it. Mainly because SE and Nintendo do not have a strong business relationship outside of Square Enix forcing Nintendo to publish all thier games.

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Superstar Saga is SMR2

BraLoD said:
Superstar Saga is SMR2

I thought Paper Mario 64 had more in common with Super Mario RPG than Superstar Saga? Think that game literally started as Super Mario RPG 2. 

Link to the VGChartz Discord server:

Someday you will die somehow 

And something's gonna steal your carbon 

If this was happening I think they would have announced it at the anniversary direct.

Stop getting our hopes up whoever you are with the rumor. -_-

I would rather mario and luigi come back