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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What's the best looking next-gen console?


What's the best looking next-gen console?

Playstation 5 Physical 11 11.46%
Playstation 5 Digital 25 26.04%
Xbox Series X 50 52.08%
Xbox Series S 10 10.42%

What's the best looking next-gen console?

My consoles are placed horizontally and I think he Series S will lookt he best in that position. The Series X will look bulky and the PS5s will look out of place.

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PS5 will be the first time I ever have a console stand vertically.

Both Xbox Series consoles look much better than the PS5 design.

That said, I still don't really care for the look of the Series S; Series X looks the best.

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Think a better question would be which console's design do you prefer. And not what is the best-looking console.

I hate the look of the XSS, simply cause I fee its very unimaginative. I like the look of the XSX, seems functional and minimalist, both things I admire. I am drawn to the look of the PS5, simply cause it's not something I would have imagined at all or thought of myself. It's definitely an eye-catcher. I do wonder if it would age well though.

The one with the most RGB.

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The Switch.

Xbox Series X. I kind of like the monolith design. It kind of looks like a sleeker, taller GameCube.

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Xbox Series X.
It's dark, imposing tower design just screams power, plus of the four it looks the most neat and tidy.

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I like the tower look of the Xbox series X