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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Square Enix: No plans for Kingdom Hearts ports on Switch, technologically difficult, but another Nomura game may be ported

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This sounds insane to me. I could see problems downgrading 2.8 and 3 to run on Switch, but you're telling me that 1.5 and 2.5 can't run on Switch when they were PS3 games? Melody of Memory has reused assets from 1.5 and 2.5 and it is coming to Switch. What a BS answer from Square.

Wonder what the other Nomura game he said might come to Switch is? No way FF7 Remake is running on Switch if they can't even get KH 1.5 and 2.5 to run on it. The Worlds Ends With You is already on Switch. Maybe I'm crazy but as far as I know, the only games that Nomura has directed are KH games and FF7 Remake. Unless they were referring to a game he was a producer on, rather than the director, which opens up many more possibilities, like Dissidia.

Maybe 2.8 or 3 didnt scale well to switch or they were just not happy with the downgrades, either way I know better than to argue with the director lol

For once, I'm glad they are too lazy.

Maybe Nomura suffers pressure to put anything on the Switch by the board directors, likewise, Kondo and Harada, have Sony strong bias and emotional bondage. 

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Square Enix doesn't like easy money apparently...

"found technology to be difficult" sounds like a meme answer lmao

Somehow Virtuos magically ported Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy X-X2 to the Switch.

Nomura wtf happen to you?

This reminds me of the bullshit answers Katsuhiro Harada gives about a Tekken on Switch "DePeNds On FaN DeManD". Right... because people were clammering for an Xbox One version of Tekken 7, meanwhile a console that's already hit 60m in three years needs fans to beg for it? Shake my fucking head. Why, 3 years and 60m units sold later is Switch still treated like some special novelty hardware that developers expect petitions and port begging for? I find it hard to believe the slight difference in developing for the system doesn't justify every third party release that automatically gets ported to the Xbox (which has next to no presence in Japan and has been already significantly outsold by Switch in a very short period of time) getting on Switch as well. I really don't understand.

I got to hand it to companies like CD Projekt Red and id Software for their unlikely ports. They know where the cash is, and all their games they've sold on Switch have done super well.

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I will never understand the logic in not putting artful, Disney characters on the biggest platform that kids play. Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo makes far more sense than any other platform as it has the largest market of kids playing, yet it's the one that doesn't get it. I don't know how these people don't realize how much money they are missing out on. It's beyond unfathomable.