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Forums - Movies Discussion - Alien or Aliens?


I think the best is...

Alien 24 44.44%
Aliens 30 55.56%

The first two entries in the Alien franchise are almost universally considered the best, and each is a beloved classic in its own right, but which do you think is the better film, and why?

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Good question.  The first Alien is pure Sci Fi horror while the sequel, Aliens is Sci Fi Horror Action.  The sequel is my choice personally.  Not because it is a better film, but because it is a better rewatch.  It is more memorable in certain ways due to it's quotability, it's characters, and the end is fantastic.  It is the perfect sequel that takes what made the first movie good and expands on it.

Difficult choice. Both are amazing. Still have to give it to the original, the atmosphere and the way the creature is shown, or not shown, as well as the layered plot (seems simple on the surface, but gets deeper once the actual motive of the company is revealed), which all makes it one of the best horror films ever made, appeal more to me than the more straightforward Sci-fi action of the sequel. But like I said, the sequel is almost equally amazing, both far above the rest of tue franchise, though I do like the third movie as well and even appreciate the fourth, Prometheus and the new one from a couple years ago. AvP is okay for what it is, but the sequel to that is dreadful.

Alien. Im more into horror than action.

Alien was near perfect for me, and I'm not exactly into horror movies. It just felt so original and iconic.

Aliens, on the other hand, just felt like the average, typical James Cameron blockbuster. A very good movie, yeah, but totally generic. Hollywood stamped all over it.

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Gotta go for the original. It has a better character arc for Jonesy.

Aliens is a fantastic sequel, but Alien is one near perfect film.

Both are excellent. Aliens is more enjoyable and watchable imo. But Alien is the better made film and will (and has) stand the test of time much better.

Aliens was already looking pretty dated with some of its action sequences and military equipment last time I watched it (like 10 years ago). In comparison, Alien has fewer action sequences, and its suspense-building thriller vibe is more timeless.

All pretty uncontroversial stuff. But when you start asking about the rest of the series that's where I start having unusual opinions:
- Alien 3 is the worst of all the Alien films by far, even including Covenant.
- Alien Resurrection was a great film. Much, much better than 3.
- Covenant was fine. The worst thing about it is that the negative reaction to it probably killed off the Alien film franchise for a decade or so.

The original as I usually prefer the freshness of the first entries.

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You can't beat the originality of the original Alien. Aliens was a good film, but you always feel that you've seen something like that elsewhere (even if that elsewhere was a later copy of Aliens).

In case people start mentioning other films that have Alien in the title, I should point out: there are two Alien movies... Just like there are three Star Wars movies...