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I think the best is...

SNES 34 35.42%
PS2 45 46.88%
Xbox 360 17 17.71%

Of the Big Three's sophomore systems, which do you think is the best, and why?

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Weird how all of them are the best console of their respective companies.

Whatever the case, SNES is not only Nintendo's best console, but also the best console of all time. That huge and ageless game library is just fantastic and remains without equal as far as im concerned.

Why no Genesis? Fine by this skewed poll. SNES. Probably the greatest console of all time. PS2 had the most games but a majority of them are either mediocre or shovelware and many of the so-called good ones are aging badly. SNES is ageless.

SNES is Elizebath Taylor. PS2 is a Kardashian.

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Damn. That is one tough question. Those are three of the best systems ever made.

I often go back and forth between SNES and PS2 for best system of all time. SNES has more "diamond-tier" games, as you'd call them curl, but PS2 has a larger, deeper library.

That's very tough, I went for the ps2 based on the sheer size and variety of its library. Although I think snes games have aged a little better.

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It's easily the PS2.  There is a reason why it's the best selling console of all time.  It really did have all of the games.  I know there are a lot of passionate GCN/XBox/DC fans out there, but I've looked at all of these systems and almost all of the games I want to play on them were also on the PS2.  And that isn't counting the mountain of exclusives the PS2 had.  It was just full of great games.  In fact, I look at the library and see there are still a lot of games I want to explore here.  SNES had good games too, but I feel like at least half of the good games of that generation ended up on the Genesis or TG16.  I definitely have more personal favorites on the PS2 than I do on the SNES.

Gotta go with 360 here. SNES had some good games for sure but I was a Sega kid and didn't get SNES until very late gen in a yard sale. I owned a PS2, but it was the last of the three 6th gen consoles I bought and I never found as many games that I liked for it as I found for SNES. 360 easily takes this one since it was my only 7th gen console, with lots of games that I like, both exclusive and 3rd party. Also had my favorite console design ever, the 360 S. 

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I was to vote snes because of the great library, but then remenber PS2 is backward compatible with PS1 games.. PS2 is my vote

I'm not capable of choosing between probably my three favorite consoles of all time.

I'm out.

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Xbox 360 hands down. 

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