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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Moon: Remix RPG Adventure Review!

One night, under the silvery light of a full moon, a young boy is suddenly sucked through his TV and into a videogame a classic JRPG called "Moon World". Following closely behind the game's brave hero, the boy begins his own journey to recover the world's missing moonlight by collecting "Love". As Moon World's hero loots and levels up by cutting down monsters for experience points you know, as heroes do the boy releases their souls and collects their "Love".
Moon is not a game where you'll fight to level up your own progress comes by gathering lost "Love"! As you explore the world, you'll meet a crazy cast of weird and wonderful NPCs. Observe their strange habits and daily routines by visiting them at different times and days of the week, and learn their secrets to uncover even more lost "Love"!

To give you an idea of what this game is like, take Majora's Mask and remove the combat and dungeons,and then combine it with the quirkiness of a cast from a Mother game. There is no form of battle; experience or "Love" is collected by helping the various inhabitants of Love-De-Gard. Every character in the game has love to give and this is received by solving their problems. These can range from a comic book artist having a creative block, pushing a divorced father to keep a promise he made to his son, or helping a sign post fulfill it's duty. Easier said than done because knowing how to help these characters, or even that they have an issue to begin with, is not always apparent; sometimes you have to stal... investigate them. Like Majora's Mask, time flows(time of day, day/night, days of the week), and a big part of helping said character in question is catching them at the right moment. Some of them even require one of the many items found or bought throughout the game so be prepared save up some cash.

Another major aspect of the game is hunting down the souls of animals. The "Hero", in his endless quest to get strong enough to reach and kill the dragon, has ruthlessly slain various animals and you'll find their dead bodies littered across the regions of Love-De-Gard. Talking to the dead bodies will bring up a bio, but this bio is more than just info about the animal, it gives you a hint at how to capture it's wandering soul. I loooove this element of the game. I would consider them to be brain teasers and not so much brain taxers. My tip: don't think to hard and be patient. If a bio says that an animal only appears at night it does not mean all night. With the exception of one, every creature's soul can be caught in the area that you found the body at eliminating that worry that you'll have to wander around looking for it. That is especially good because the MC speed is very slow; I'm talking Pokemon before running shoes and bike are available. It can really make getting around a hassle especially when you're trying get somewhere at a certain time.There is a fast travel but its only one way ... and I get why they did that. 

You can die in this game. It happens anytime you don't get to bed on time. The slow movement speed and limited fast travel was done to put emphasis on this mechanic. Ultimately though, this issue quickly becomes a non issue because past level 10 you'd have to try to die, but more importantly, you'll be sleeping just to past time to make certain events and to level up. Leveling up increases the amount of time you stay up and can only be done during dream sequences with Moon Queen. Useless mechanic is useless.

So, I'm sure some of you are asking what is the challenge of this game? I would compare it Mario; beating it is easy but 100% it is the real challenge. The series of events that are needed to get to the ending sequence can be done relatively quickly, but jumping right into it will net you an unfinished ending. Your Love level determines MC's ability to make it to the end of the ending sequence. You want the best ending because the best ending is very cheeky and clever. It is a very Sixth Sense type of ending in the fact that it only been done once; it cant be replicated and if someone tries it wouldn't have the impact of the first time. To get Max level requires that you complete certain mini games/challenges that are tough and there are also some end game events that can be very obtuse to trigger. Ending makes it all worth it though.

I never like tell anyone that something is more worth its price but the game 18.99 and I would have no problem recommending it at $25. 23 years later and Moon happen finds a perfect time to make its way westward and its message, More Love in the world, has never been so relevant.


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About how long would you say an average playthrough goes?

burninmylight said:
About how long would you say an average playthrough goes?

My play through was around 30-35 hours to achieve max Love level. Playthrough will depend on 2 things: Are you goin for 100% and are you using guide.