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Will you buy this game?

Instantly on release 0 0%
wait for good scores 2 66.67%
wait for sale 1 33.33%
never 0 0%

Did anyone heard about this game? It looks good I think, kinda like a modernized Zelda II.

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I think I watched the promo video for it in the eShop. It did kind of put off some Zelda 2 vibes.

ah i assumed this was about some obscure disease, anyway carry on

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This game doesn't remind me of Zelda 2.  It might be a fun game, but it just doesn't remind me of Zelda 2.   Zelda 2 was an action RPG with a focus on making the combat the most memorable part of the game.  Zelda 2 was also lacking on the exploration side.  To me this game looks like it is inspired by several Zelda games while being a 2D platformer.  The reviewer calls this game a "puzzle platformer".  Zelda 2 was definitely not a puzzle platformer.

I'll probably wait to see how people review it and if it still gets some buzz even after a couple of years.  Those are the types of indie games that I end up playing.

If you want something else like Zelda II, I suggest Elliot Quest. It can get pretty hard and has a good dose of where the hell do I go now- like Zelda II