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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will the Switch do well in Brazil?

With Nintendo announcing an official Switch release in Brazil, I'm curious how well it will do over there to determine whether it could make a slight noticeable difference in Switch sales.

I'm not really educated on how well the Switch and Nintendo consoles do over there so if someone could answer that'll be awesome.

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i severly doubt it ethomaz tells all his friends not to buy one

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As well as how its doing everywhere else.

Edit: or not.

Edit 2: who knows.

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Will heavily depend on pricing. Brazil has a habit of slapping enormous taxes on goods that aren't produced in Brazil, so Nintendo officially distributing in Brazil may result in higher prices than the imports of the black market which have been a thing for the last three years.

But because imports have been done for years, it's unlikely that we'll see a notable increase in global Switch sales. If the official pricing is good, it shifts sales to Brazil locally and in turn the number of imports will go down. That would still be a net gain overall, but nothing that will be clearly visible in weekly global numbers.

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No. Well, depends on what "well" means to you. It probably won't do a million, and the only way we'll ever know is if nintendo themselves say it.

You guys have to realize, my salary is well above what the minimum wage is now, and still i'd need to save to be able to buy a console on release. Taxes are just too high, and the economy is in the worst state ever. If normal people have trouble buying food you can bet they won't think about buying consoles. The only reason sega did well in the 90's was because they had intern production, which made their console's prices be way more reasonable. After that, ps2 and 360 were popular because of piracy, they were still expensive, but it was a worth investment because you only had to buy the console and the games were "free".

In short,no.

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I doubt it will move huge numbers. It's a sad reality but we just don't have money

Ones who wanted (and can afford) a Switch bought it already in grey market. If economy was alright I would believe that if it's sold at a reasonable price, but I don't see it happening. 2500 BRL is probably the absolute minimum selling price unless Nintendo really doesn't bother for having loses

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Nope, probably gonna be quite expensive.

There are several factors that will go into that, but mostly no.

First of all, the Switch have already been selling in Brazil ever since it launched. People who really wanted one already grabbed it, because there are alot of importers over there, and the Grey Market already sells them as cheaply as it is possible, given the currency.

Second of all, Nintendo will never be able to beat the Grey Market prices, which is where most of the sales of (physical) games comes from. Since the Grey Market dosen't pay taxes, and sometimes the goods they sell are stolen, they will offers their products at a lower price than Nintendo ever could, always.

So having them officially sell things here, unless they really go aggressive, will change little. Especially with the gigantic economic recession comming.

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javi741 said:

whether it could make a slight noticeable difference in Switch sales.

It can't.

Will this finally kill the SEGA Master System sales in Brazil? They setill sell new Master Systems there.

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