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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bioshock 2 or Infinite


I think the best is...

Bioshock 2 7 20.59%
Bioshock Infinite 27 79.41%

Which of the two Bioshock sequels do you think is the better game, and why?

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Infinite. The main point of Bioshock is exploring a new world, and that didn't really work in Bioshock 2 since you'd already seen rapture. Plus, the Adam draining sections blew.

Bioshock Infinite without a doubt. Big daddy felt more like Meh Daddy.


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Infinite. It has its flaws and im not particularly a fan of the ending, but as JWeins said, exploring a new setting was a better experience than playing a Big Daddy in a familiar one.

Infinite was a bit more fun, Though I did enjoy 2 more than most. It was more of the same, but it was damn good. Now it's hard to say which game had the best dlc, because the dlc's in both are absolutely fantastic and at least in 2's case better than the actual game.

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Infinite due to the setting. Unfortubately it fell short in quite a few ways.

Overall, Bioshock Infinite. Though, Bioshock 2 has better and more focused gameplay in my opinion.


Well I didn't really like 1 much, and I remember thinking Infinite was bland, so 2 ....

I'll just have to see when I get to it later, and come back and give my thoughts

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1 and Infinite > 2. I really liked the setting and characters in Infinite and way preferred the gameplay over 2.

I like both, but I preferred 2. I liked playing as a Big Daddy and found the story more interesting, especially learning more about your past and the past of the Big Daddies. Plus, I really like exploring Rapture more. And the sacrifice at the end of 2 meant a lot more than the ridiculous ending to Infinite.